Today: March 22 2019
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On Saturday in Paphos there will be sailing races

On Saturday in Paphos there will be sailing races

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World-class yachts 1 June will take part in the fourth annual sailing race around the island of Geronisos, located about 300 meters from the fishing harbor of Agios Georgios in Paphos. Races on yachts were organized by the International Sailing Club of Paphos under the leadership of Sharon and Keith Whithouse.

Also known as the "Holy Island", or the island of St. George, Geronisos is uninhabited since the 15 century. Recent excavations have shown that he played the role of a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo in the late Hellenistic period. Excavations on the island continue for almost 30 years. According to the organizers, the race is held specifically to draw attention to this monument of the history of Cyprus and timed to the 28 anniversary of excavation.

It is still unknown whether the most famous yachtsman of Cyprus, Pavlos Contidis, confirmed his participation.

The start of the races is assigned to 13: 30, and the competition will be started in 10: 00. A spectacular spectacle will be free for all residents and guests of Paphos!

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