Today: March 24 2019
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In the top-100 best cities for life came the Cyprus Limassol

In the top-100 best cities for life came the Cyprus Limassol

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The consulting company Mercer has published a rating of the best cities in the world for the quality of life in 2018. She was led by Vienna (the ninth time in a row). The financial capital of Cyprus - Limassol - was on 87 place ranking.

In the top five cities in the world to live in addition to Vienna included Zurich, Auckland, Munich and Vancouver.

Moscow took 167 place in the list, consisting of 231 city. St. Petersburg - on 173 place. Syrian Damascus, Bangui (CAR), Sanaa (Yemen), Port-au-Prince in Haiti, Khartoum in Sudan, N'Djamena in Chad and Baghdad are close to the list.

In the first place on the quality of life is still Vienna, remaining the leader of the rating for the ninth time in a row. Moscow took only 167 place, St. Petersburg - 173-e. Almaty on 177 line, Tbilisi - on 187, Minsk - 188-th.

When compiling a rating, 39 criteria are used, including political stability, crime rate, infrastructure, censorship, medicine, transport, the number of educational institutions, ecology, housing availability, etc.

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