Today: December 15 2018
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Turkey launched a large-scale operation against all structures of Soros

Turkey launched a large-scale operation against all structures of Soros

Tags: Turkey, Middle East, Politics

According to sources, in Turkey began a large-scale operation against all institutions of George Soros, as well as the so-called strategic planning centers. According to the information we have, the head of the Soros Foundation has been arrested in Turkey, but names have not yet been disclosed.

It can be assumed that this is the organization of the Open Society Foundation in Istanbul - it has not been possible to reach representatives yet, at the time of publication, no one picked up the phone.

The organization operates in Turkey from 2008 year, and, according to the presentation on the site, was created to protect human rights, democracy and universal values. "First of all, we provide financial support to projects that provide the ideals of an open society, and also make publications in the framework of our activities."

"We believe that Turkey will become a more open society and will become closer to the European Union, since we are extremely interested in rapprochement with the EU," the presentation notes.

Among the projects are the "Independent Commission in Turkey" (simplification of the procedure for accession to the EU), assistance from the KAMER Foundation (support for feminists), TESEV (Turkish economic and social studies foundation) and many others.

It is known that a member of the Advisory Board of the Open Society Institute in Turkey, and concurrently head of the Foundation for Economic and Social Research - Nafiz Jan Pucker (Can Paker), who graduated from Columbia University and actively promotes the idea of ​​an open society in Turkey.

Among other people associated with the organization is a well-known publicist, a teacher at the University of Bilkent-Elisabeth Ozdalga, who, for example, published books on secularism and popular Islam in modern Turkey, journalist of the ultra-liberal Radical newspaper Eyup Can and a lot others.

Recall that in July 2016 in Turkey, an attempt was made coup d'état, followed by a serious purge of the structures and getting rid of pro-Western elements and accomplices of the preacher Fethullah Gülen. The day before, Amnesty international representatives were arrested, including the head of the organization Idil Eser, who face up to 15 years in prison, as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan explained, for preparing the July putsch.

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