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In Turkey, detained more than 1,5 thousand people on suspicion of having links with militants

The Turkish authorities have detained more than a thousand people on suspicion of links with Islamist groups. During the investigation, 125 people were arrested. It is reported by Reuters.

Among those detained 1067 people presumably consist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) organization recognized as terrorist by the authorities of Turkey, the US and the European Union. 501 people suspected of having links with the Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara accuses of attempting to organize a military coup. Gülen denies any involvement in the preparation of the revolt.

As Reuters points out, the Turkish government received many threats from the PKK and the "Islamic state." Both groups took responsibility for the implementation of acts of terrorism in the country.

After a military coup in July last year, the Turkish police arrested more than 40 thousand. The security services conducted purges in the state government, the army, schools and the media, as a result of which have been dismissed more than 100 thousand officials, journalists and teachers.

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