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In Wales, we wanted to hold a referendum on independence after Scotland

The current rate of the British authorities concerning Brexit can "put an end to the United Kingdom as a state"; if Scotland separate from the UK, Wales may consider holding a referendum on independence, said the leader of the nationalist party Plaid Cymru ( «Plaid Cymru") Leann Wood.

Wood noted that the people of Wales will be given a chance to determine their own future, if her party wins the elections, reports TASS referring to The Times.

"National debate on the consideration of all options, including independence, to be held in the region when this scenario becomes realistic", - she said.

Wood noted that it will be necessary "to increase support in favor of increasing control over their own affairs" in the event that negotiations on an exit from the European Union the UK authorities will lead to the infringement of national interests of Wales.

At present, the idea of ​​achieving independence of Wales, according to recent opinion polls, support few. Thus, according to the analytical service of the ICM, for the withdrawal from the kingdom serve about 6% of respondents.

On Monday, Prime Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said that next week will ask permission of the regional parliament to organize a referendum on independence from the UK. Himself a referendum to be held in the period from the autumn to the spring of the year 2018 2019 years. Newspaper VIEW detailed analysis of the likelihood of the collapse of the UK due Brexit.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: Wales, United Kingdom, Scotland, referendum, independence, politics, Brexit

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