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In the UK there was the Minister of Anti-Subversion

British Prime Minister Theresa May has appointed Ben Gummer minister to combat subversion. It is reported by The Times.

The functions of the new officer will include the implementation of "broader effort within the government work for the protection of the British democratic life of integrity." According to the publication, the emergence of a new minister is directly related to the concerns of the British authorities that the Russian cyber attacks, fake news and money can destabilize the democracy in the country.

In connection with the parliamentary elections, subordinates Gummer, in particular, intend to test computer systems and networks of political parties of the United Kingdom in terms of their vulnerability and ability to cope with "hostile kiberaktivnosti".

2 last November, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman commented Maria Zakharova statements of the British MI-5 director Andrew Parker that he sees Russia as a threat to the stability of the UK. In particular, she turned to Parker to the question of whether he appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs of the UK Boris Johnson matter of hands of the Kremlin said.

A day earlier, Parker in an interview with The Guardian, said that Russia is using a number of state agencies to advance its foreign policy abroad more aggressive techniques, including propaganda, espionage, sabotage and cyber attacks. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in this regard, that while someone not lead any evidence of Russian involvement in the cyber attacks, any application, whether it is the head of MI-5, the US vice-president or other responsible person, shall be deemed unfounded and unjustified /

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