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The weekend in Cyprus will be great weather!

The temperature at the weekend, 14 and 15 in October will please with warmth, which should be enjoyed in full before the approaching winter.

On Saturday, October 14, over Cyprus it will be clear. In the central regions, the temperature is still summer - 30 ° C. On the coasts of Cyprus a little cooler - 27 ° C. In the mountains already + 19 ° C.

On Sunday, 15 October, cloudiness, rains and thunderstorms are possible, mainly in the center of the island and in the mountains. The temperature will drop a little - up to 28 ° C in the metropolitan region and 25-26 ° C on the coast.

On Monday, partly cloudy weather is expected. In the mountains, precipitation is possible. The temperature will rise again to Saturday values.

Somehow, we'll go to the beach tomorrow! Have a wonderful holiday!

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Weather, Society