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On the weekend in Cyprus, the heat will subside

Starting from Friday, 28 July, and until Monday, 31 July, the air temperature in Cyprus will be slightly lower than in the previous days, after which it will again start to rise.

According to the employee of the Meteorological Service Panagiotis Lingis, on Fridays and Saturdays the air in the inner regions will warm up to a maximum of 36-37 ° C, while the norm for this time of year is 38 ° C. However, already on Sunday the temperature will again approach 40° C.

By the way, right now in Cyprus is the hottest season. Vulnerable groups of the population - children, the elderly, sick and pregnant - are advised to avoid being in the open sun and not overheating. The authorities also remind that extremely hot weather contributes to the occurrence of fires, and call residents and visitors of Cyprus to exercise maximum caution.

Forecast for Friday and Saturday, 28-29 July: internal areas 36 ° C, east coast 34 ° C, southern and northern coast 33 ° C, west coast 30 ° C, mountainous areas 27 ° C.

A source: VC

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