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In January 2017 years in Greece private companies fired at 30 000 people more than taken

In Greece, in January of this year, the number of private sector employees fell by 30 000 jobs. These results of the study of the labor market presented «ERGANI» information system.

According to the report, 2017 126 applications for employment were filed in January 500 years, and it was signed 156 300 resignation.

Of all the laid-off employees who voluntarily left work only 73 600 people. In other cases, employers were forced to take such measures because of declining corporate profits.

According to the Ministry of Labor, this trend earlier in the year on the labor market in Greece is saved with 2001 years. In this case, the Ministry noted that in 2016, the situation on the labor market improved slightly.

Experts stress that the worst situation in the retail sector.

A source: newsbomb

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