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The zoo Cyprus multiple replenishment

Spring in Cyprus - a great time to visit the zoo, the more so at the zoo in the village of Peyia - baby boom!

Enrich family tigers were born humped camel, calf big red kangaroo and baby in one of the pairs of white wallabies, hatched birds of rare species. About 2 months ago at the zoo was born on the first penguin. The main zoo keeper Michael Pittas said that to create conditions for the procreation of the penguins took a lot of time and effort.

Now the baby 2 month, it refers to the species of penguins Humboldt, or Peruvian penguins. Until now, visitors to the zoo could not see it, because the little penguins are very vulnerable and at first remain in the nest where their parents take care of them. Penguinock is absolutely healthy and has recently started to explore the outside world. After about a month, he will change the feathers and only then begin to learn how to swim. Humboldt penguins are on the list of endangered species of animals. The world population totals about 12 thousand pairs, of which 8 thousand nest in Chile, and 4 thousands - in Peru.

Michael Pittas said, and the replenishment of the family of tigers. Bonnie and Clyde offspring appears for the third time. About 2 months ago I had three baby: 2 girls and one boy. To ensure the safety of the newborn, they were taken from their parents. 24 hours a day caring for them team Pafos Zoo.

Amur tigers - the largest cats in the world. They are listed in the Red Book of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The body length of the Amur tiger is about 3 meters. Large male weighs about 300 kg, female - from the 180 200 to kg. They live mostly in the forests of south-east Russia, although there are a few individuals in China and North Korea. The Amur tiger is endangered. In the wild live about 500 individuals. In nature, the tiger lives up to 15 years in captivity live just over 20 years. The Amur tiger, unlike Bengal, rarely attack humans or comes to the settlements.

The area of ​​the zoo in the village of Peyia is 100 thousand square meters. It collected a huge variety of species of animals from all corners of the globe.

A source: KP

Author: Alexander Alexandrov

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