Today: February 23 2019
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Warsaw: Ukraine will not enter Europe together with Bandera

Warsaw: Ukraine will not enter Europe together with Bandera

Tags: Ukraine, Nazism, Poland, EU, Politics

Poland will veto a possible entry of Ukraine into the European Union if Kiev continues to praise the nationalist Stepan Bandera, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitold Vashchikovsky stated.

The minister called historical disputes with Ukraine a very acute problem. "Our message is very clear: with Bandera you will not enter Europe. We talk about this both loudly and quietly, "Vashchikovsky said in an interview with wPolityce.

He also added that Warsaw will not repeat the mistakes of the 90-ies, when problems of the Polish minority in Germany and Lithuania were noted.

In January, the leader of the Polish ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said that his country's attitude towards Ukraine will depend on Kiev's interpretation of the role of the UPA. In addition, Kaczynski said that "with Bandera" Ukrainians "will not go to Europe".

At the same time official Kiev from Bandera does not hurry to refuse.

Alina Nazarova
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