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The age-old friendship came to an end. Russia may present territorial claims to Turkey

The age-old friendship came to an end. Russia may present territorial claims to Turkey

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In the State Duma matured proposal to denounce the Moscow treaty of friendship and brotherhood with Turkey, signed in 1921 year. Because it is unprofitable, and Ankara behaves badly lately. "In this regard, we will support Armenia. Will this break to have legal effect is unknown, but our territorial claims that we do not agree - this is correct ", - said the deputy Oleg Pakholkov.

The ancient monastery of Khor Virap is located in Armenia, almost on the border with Turkey. Holy Mount Ararat is visible from here, at a glance, reminding of injustice.

The territorial claims to Turkey is not the first time we make. In the last months of World War II, along with the requirement to introduce joint control mode and place the Soviet naval base in the Black Sea Straits to join the Soviet Union assumed the territory of Transcaucasia, belonging to 1878 years of the Russian Empire, and in the year 1921 transmitted Turkey.

Some of these cards have Armenia access to the Black Sea.

The Republic of Armenia does not recognize the Kars Treaty, concluded pursuant to the Treaty of Moscow, and the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia denounced it in 2005 year. Under its provisions, the former Kars region and the southern part of the former Batumi region (were part of the Russian Empire with 1878 years), as well as former Surmalin district of Erivan Province (part of the Russian Empire with 1828 years) with Mount Ararat in Turkey withdrew.

Soviet territorial claims mentioned in the Fulton speech by Winston Churchill, which he delivered in March 5 1946 as follows: "Turkey and Persia are deeply concerned and are concerned about the claims made on them, and the pressures to which they are subjected by the government of Moscow."

The crisis around Turkey led to the fact that the American command has developed the first serious plan for a nuclear strike on the Soviet Union in August 1946 years. That, in turn, prompted the Kremlin to abandon the further escalation of the conflict, is fraught with a new war. "Well, that time retired" - later recalled Molotov.

For the Anglo-Saxons even a hint of Russian control over the Straits has always evoked a strong reaction. Not surprisingly, the Cold War, and in 1952, Turkey was admitted to NATO. If anyone has forgotten, namely with Turkey, where the Americans have placed 1961 15 year medium-range missiles PGM-19 «Jupiter" and not Cuban Missile Crisis began.

Turkey NATO has always been a no mother and adopted child - a rather whimsical and capricious. However, the Alliance has always will stand breast to her defense. Especially in the defense of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus.

But I'm a hundred years ago the idea of ​​denunciation of the treaty do not like is not so. In my opinion, the very denial of its obligations, even if unprofitable - it is not the style of modern Russia. If the initiative show, Turkey - is another matter. We are ready for such a challenge.

That's why I think that the initiative of the Duma - only signal. A hint that if the relationship between our countries will go hawking, Ankara bude worse than us. It is quite possible, chronic territorial issue will be resolved not in her favor. Including the Straits.

I am sure that in Turkey the signal heard. But what it made findings show the near future.

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