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Britain refused to pay EUR 100 billion for Brexit

British minister David Davis dismissed the opportunity to pay the United Kingdom of its withdrawal from the EU, while Brussels is going to increase the amount of such payment to 100 billion euros.

UK Minister for Brexit David Davis said that the United Kingdom will not pay for an exit from the European Union, reports Reuters. The agency, citing the Financial Times, also reported that under the pressure of France and Germany, the EU increased the amount of bribes required for bribes from the British. Now it is 100 billion euros.

Earlier, the head Evrokomissii Zhan-Klod Yunker said that Britain will leave the EU only after the payment of 63 billion euros. For its part, the lawyers of the British cabinet stated that London has the right not to pay the EU under previously signed agreements.

A source: LOOK

Author: Nikita Kovalenko

Tags: UK, Economy, EU, Brexit, Politics, International Relations

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