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Faith lays upon us the responsibility for peace

Angela Merkel's initiative to ban the "aggressive promotion of the Russian Federation of Christian values" has been controversial. Why Europe began to abandon the Orthodox values? On these and other questions Pravda.Ru said Father Andrey (Tkachev), supernumerary clergyman of the church of the Resurrection in Bryusov Lane in Moscow.

- In November, in Brussels, obedient bill at the level of the European Community, which consists of two points.

The first point agreed upon with all local parliaments and introduced at the insistence of a number of parliaments of the Baltic states of Central Europe, is a ban on the broadcasting of Russian mass media on the territory of the European Union.

The second point is doubly surprising, it relates to a personal farewell from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who asked MEPs and parliamentarians to consider an item on the ban on "aggressive promotion of the Russian Federation of Christian values."

How can you comment on these events?

- The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction. They held on to Christian values ​​in the Soviet period, not because they were Christ-loving, but because we were conscientious objectors from Christ. The official was such an ideology, and we were officially refuseniks on behalf of the Lord Jesus. They are to us in opposition to show that they are free, intelligent, good and holy, pedaling a Christian theme. Not the fact that Jesus loved, and what just us fighting.

And today, when Russian believer, they have to fight not with anyone. Once we believe in Christ, they have ceased to believe. It is not necessary to them. They pretended to be believers. It is a natural unmasking, nothing more.

There is no freedom, in fact. All those who lived there, who met, acquaintance, penetrated, I read, think, communicate, know that there is no freedom there. This is a false freedom to sin, perhaps, for personal pleasure.

And, of course, is the love of God-haters. If they say so, it means that the mouth of the enemies we get you a new good name. Nobody tells the truth about a person, other than a sincere friend and irritable enemy. Riley enemy say the truth: ".. You're a Christian, that's who you are you a preacher of conservative values ​​Do you realize that you're a villain, because you are a preacher of Christian values?" And you look at him and wonder: "Oh, that's my name, well, thank you."

Yes, I'm a preacher of conservative Christian values. I am against the killing of children in the womb, against pederasty against this community, which is an aggressive effect on young brains, I am against the silence of the Lord, when a huge air space filled with any nonsense, as though God does not exist. I am against this silence, I for that name of the Lord with fear and reverence mentioned in ethereal space.

They have, in fact, pushed to the fact to be even more conservative, even more preachers of Christian values. But we have our own internal problems, we ourselves are not fully Christians, so we need to pay attention inward. Outside, they do not crush it all, because it used to be, "Deutsche Welle", "Free Europe", "Voice of America", we all listened, and now the man over to the other side of the field.

American users will hear "Rush Today screen", the British and French would listen to "Radio Moscow", for example, because they live in an unfree world, in which there is a hard limit information, in particular related to Christ.

- In fact, it turns out that in Western Europe we have prevailed satanic religion. They also engaged in persecution, they also do it in the name of something, some values. I understand the situation correctly?

- Of course. We have entered a period of persecution kakih-to strange when a person does not put in prison, he did not break the bone and do not put him in a psychiatric hospital, but the holy name of Christ taboo: do not talk about it, do not you dare, the weather can be said about the sport we can talk about "Formula-1" we can talk about the presidential election can be, what you want, you can say, just do not call the name of the Lord. This is something demonic, is hatred.

Do you know what the demon in terms of its spiritual nature changed? He is an angel on his acquired nature. And with malicious skill - a hater of grace. There is such a thing - hatred of grace. It is, in many people. You may have encountered these people. Priests hundred percent met people who hate grace: "I do not want to talk about it What do Jesus sat down with his Stop talking about it.?".

That is, we are dealing with real Satanism, without cuts, which simply has a certain inertia of civilization. Here is the entire European prichesannost, washed the streets, the sidewalks washed with shampoo - all it will take. Yet this kindness inertia, inertia of culture there. But this is not the merit of modern Europeans.

Today's kindness, the residual European kindness, today's level of culture in Europe - it's just the baggage that was passed ancestors and which greatly reduced and will disappear soon. But in fact, they are Satanists, to be honest. If the parliaments of these initiatives are taking, then what are we talking? Democratically elected representatives of the people, a parliamentary democracy, representative democracy, on behalf of the people speak of Christ remain silent. And who covers her mouth speaking about Christ, moreover, which rose to Christ even before the Incarnation?

- I remind you that Catholics believe the Orthodox Church elder brother: Orthodox can be godfather Catholic. And we are called Orthodox, that is, those who keep the word of God in its entirety.

And it turns out that we can not be indifferent to what is happening in Europe. And the following occurs: for example, in a small village in central France Zheste going to residents of the commune and make a decision on the demolition of the temple of the XVI century due to the fact that the temple can accommodate about a thousand worshipers, and why the village of a thousand people parishioners if it is a small village? Let we demolished brick use for all sorts of communal needs. No big deal, the way it should be.

Or the Church of St. Rita, located in the heart of Paris, which has been closed and is now subject to demolition. When the priest went to the cross in front of the altar, his French riot police dragged by the feet of the church right in the vestments and left the porch.

Here is the third, a blatant case. village priest in Normandy, near Rouen, attacked two Muslims, young geeks 18 years, which before the altar during the service after it has occurred most sacred part of the liturgy, cut his throat. The most terrible and outrageous that the two were released on bail after a month after the crime, because they say the children, and they repented.

What do you think about the position of right-wing parties in France, especially because France used to be in the western Catholic tradition, the eldest daughter of the Lord in that territory?

- What you're talking about, just disastrous. If it has a tendency, within the scope of a historical trend, then we hear a lot. Or do not hear, because we do not say it, because it does not have news: Well, the priest killed some French, some destroyed church - think. They're about even say they have a selective approach to information.

If this is so, then the French will again suffer for Jesus Christ, as it was in the days of the French Revolution of the XVIII century. Then came en masse to us, fled from the guillotine nobles escaped from the guillotine or the priests raised a rebellion in the same northern France. I do not know what will happen.

- If you take the Western church clergy, the more strongly one expression, it is, in particular, expressed in terms of the Order of "Opus Dei", that is "the Lord's work" - the order that exists in the Vatican. "Opus Dei", responsible largely for the problematic issues for the issue of church renewal, for an attempt to restore the purity of the Christian religion in Europe, has repeatedly called, through their representatives to apply the experience of the Orthodox, to take the experience Hesychasts into service and strive to ensure that, with in their view, failed to give the age of the cathedrals in modern Russia.

Century cathedrals - is when in medieval Europe, churches were built everywhere, it lasted several centuries. So, Western Europeans believe that we have now Century cathedrals, when suddenly appeared among the post-Soviet desert countless temples. They say: "We, too, will be able to do so, but we will be able to do this only if we too will become Orthodox in spirit.". Do you think this is possible?

- I'd really like that. I, in general, relate to Catholics differential. I understand that they are very different. Without a doubt, among the Catholics there are many people who love the Orthodox faith, but they are not guilty of being born in Spain or Italy. They love the Orthodox icon, like the Orthodox book. They love to come here, they go there with my mouth open.

I think that it is quite possible in the sense that if little miracles we have seen in my lifetime? We all live in an era of a miracle. Here is the era of the second Baptism of Russia, renewal of faith and multiplying flock - it's a miracle now. Who would have thought that this would be? That is, it is a miracle, and I hope for a miracle to which you hinted.

Why not? Why the Catholic world, with our Christian brothers, not love or dobrotalyubie Seraphim of Sarov? Why do they not sing with us Akathist to the Mother of God in our or in another language?

Russia has entered into some very important historical period. For all people who have ears, eyes, head and heart in the chest, it is clear that Russia has entered a strange band of global responsibility. That is, Russia is responsible, essentially, for the whole world, because the world lives by faith. Without faith, live the world must not and will not. Once faith will stand in the world, the world will lose all its value, it will be cleared and destroyed.

A source: Pravda.Ru

Author: Alexander Artamonov, Maria Snytkova

Tags: Religion, the EU, Russia, Europe