Today: August 21 2018
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"Blame the mushrooms": US Army officer discovers the reason for the disruption of military exercises in Poland

"Blame the mushrooms": US Army officer discovers the reason for the disruption of military exercises in Poland

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The military exercises of the countries of the North Atlantic alliance in Eastern Europe have not stopped since the emergence of tensions in relations between Russia and the West. The contingent of NATO, participating in virtually uninterrupted maneuvers aimed at containing "aggressive" Russia, gave the Web users enough reasons to laugh at the international of the military bloc.

One recalls how one of the military training trips in Finland ended in a complete fiasco, when monstrously poorly coordinated soldiers were lost in the wilds of the forest and came to a small town that did not appear on the map of the exercises, thereby seriously intimidating residents who thought that the war had begun.

It was amusing to read criticism when the NATO officers responsible for the maneuvers told the press how the servicemen were making their feet from wild animals in the Baltics, or from a Lithuanian pensioner with a gun that considered that no doctrine, even directed against Russia, gives soldiers the right to climb a strange vegetable garden and trample neatly planted beds.

And on the eve of the day, it was necessary to cancel the planned event within the framework of NATO-led exercises in Poland Dragon-2017, namely, the training of maneuvers by American and Polish tankmen who did not take place because of mushroom pickers who had run into the forest. The armored brigade numbering 3,5 thousand people, armed with Abrams tanks and self-propelled howitzers Paladin, was forced to return to the site of the deployment.

US Army officer John Dolin complained about the inhabitants of Poland and an incredibly busy mushroom season, because of which residents of the areas close to the territory of the exercises did not pay attention to people in military uniforms, heavy military equipment, or the very fact of the event.

"Mushrooms are to blame," the American officer summed up, explaining the reason for the disruption of the exercises.

The situation perfectly characterizes NATO military exercises in Eastern Europe as a whole. They are not taken seriously even by the inhabitants of countries that the alliance is fiercely defending against "aggressive" Moscow, or at least explains its movements. What to say about Russia and about the countries that are not among the supporters of the Russophobic camp.

Alexander Vasilevsky
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