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10.04.2017 - 15: 26

Merkel's visit to Moscow - an attempt to prevent the worst

Despite the February 2015, the Minsk Agreement, which was supposed to bring a de-escalation of the situation in eastern Ukraine, over the past few months the conflict escalated further. Against this background, "German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided on an amazing step: 2 May she will visit Russian President Putin," writes the German magazine Der Spiegel. It is, as the newspaper notes, "a radical change in the position of Merkel, because until now Chancellor adhered to the position that the visit of Putin was only possible in the case of concrete progress at the Donbass or Syria." "But now she goes, even despite the fact that Russia is not going to make concessions. This shows how seriously Merkel assesses the situation ", - says the author.

Office of the Federal Chancellor of Germany Merkel's visit to justify the Kremlin preparation for the summit, "Big Twenty" in Hamburg in July of this year. They say that after Merkel will pay a visit to a number of other states G20. According to journalists, it's just an excuse: "It is quite clear that Merkel is not going to Moscow to talk with Putin about aid to Africa or other similar topics actually visit - is an attempt to prevent the worst.".

As explained by Der Spiegel, the point is that "five months after winning Trump in the elections in the United States, Washington de facto there is no policy in relation to Russia."

"A secret report of the German diplomats shows how dangerous they consider the current state of affairs. In particular, they fear that Putin because of the indecision of Americans may try to" establish the facts "in Ukraine and boost its profile." The head of the Kremlin might try to "force the decision of the Ukrainian conflict, according to their own ideas," he was quoted message of the German Embassy in Moscow.

Thus, the situation "is extremely volatile, but completely different than expected in the Federal Chancellery before," emphasizes the publication, recalling that after winning Trump there is fear that the latter will go into an alliance with Putin behind the Europeans. Now, "the opposite happened, and Washington did not go to the contact with Moscow, which makes difficult the situation once again." This, in turn, was due to the charges, according to which "Russia allegedly influenced the elections in the United States. Investigation of potential illegal contacts Trump employees with Russian diplomats so drove the new American president in the defense that it can not now afford to go to any concessions to Putin. "

As a result, Merkel is "to mediate between Moscow and Washington," says Der Spiegel. Federal Chancellery "really wants the Americans returned to the game: in fact until they are blocked, no progress will not be because of the Americans leave Moscow sees no reason to make concessions because of the lack of pressure from Washington are doing the same, and.. Ukrainians ".

Whatever it was, adds Der Spiegel, "even if the talks Merkel and Ukraine will not bring any result, a visit to Russia Merkel as head of the Christian Democratic Union can benefit in domestic politics. After all, the SPD is playing with the idea to make a hard line Merkel toward Putin as part of its pre-election program. " The parties claim that "even though they will not be hung on the neck of Putin, but will continue the dialogue." Merkel also his visit "will be able to show that it is trying all the possibilities."

A source: Inopressa

Author: Matthias Gebauer, Ralf Neukirch, Kristof Shult | der Spiegel

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