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Greece visa center in Moscow, change address

C will work on Mytnaya street 17 office in March.

Greece visa center in Moscow in March 17 move to a new location, according to the official site office.

"From Friday, March 17 2017 years, Greece visa service center in Moscow will start work at a new address:. Street Mytnaya d 66, underground station" Tula ". All previously made recording on the visit are still valid, no changes are required to make. Until Thursday, March 16 2017 years, inclusive, Greece visa service center in Moscow continues to remain at. Nikitsky Boulevard d 17 », - said in a statement.

According to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), Greece has one of the most developed networks of visa centers in Russia: the regions are working in 34 representation.

Greece last year became one of the most popular summer vacation destinations of Russians: according to the country's National Tourism Association, the number of tourists from Russia last year amounted to 900 thousand people, which is 30% more than the year before..

A source: Rambler / Travel

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