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"Taste, and see how good the Lord is!"

"Taste, and see how good the Lord is!"

Tags: Religion, Christianity

(Psalm 33, 9)

He who has love has God in himself (8, 68). He who does not have love in himself is deprived of divine grace (8, 391).

Be brave and strong, try to continually nourish and multiply in yourself the love of God, so that the abundance of goodness that you receive from Him increases. St. Basil the Great (9, 208).

The love of God becomes the fortress of the loving (18, 343).

Love is the head of virtue; from it all faith and all hope; from her patience and steadfastness in all good; from it the multiplication of all spiritual gifts (24, 306).

All the perfections that are in the notion of virtue ... grow from the root of love, so that having it and in other virtues has no shortage. Saint Gregory of Nyssa (24, 308).

Blessed is he who has acquired love and has moved with her to God, because God knows His own and will take Him to His bosom. (25, 8).

God is the refuge from all evil; He heals wounds and gives life in abundance (25, 296).

He who has love will be a partner of angels and will reign with Christ (25, 8).

Love is the pillar of all virtues, there is no mortal sorrow in it; she teaches truth and courage, patience and peace; she is the house of God (25, 594).

Keep the love as the apple of the eye - there is light and life in it. It is the joy of all who are committed to it; she is a divine acquisition, she is an Angelic dignity (25, 594).

Love God with all your soul, as He loved you, become the temple of God, and the Most High God dwells in you (26, 92).

In this are known the lovers of Christ, that all tribulation comprehending them, endure courageously and with the willingness of Hope for Christ (26, 523).

All sly is brought into inaction by the acquisition of perfect love for God (26, 174).

To what extent do you honor God here, to such a degree and He will raise you, as far as here you serve Him, so He will honor you there. For it is written, "I will glorify those who glorify Me, but those who dishonor Me will be put to shame" (1Tar2, 30) (26, 259).

O immeasurable power of love! There is nothing more precious in love than in heaven or on earth. She is the head of virtues. Love is the cause of all blessings, love is the salt of virtues, love is the end of the Law. She brought down the Son of God to us from heaven. Love has shown us all the blessings: death is destroyed, hell is captured, Adam is called. Love is made up of Angels and people a single flock. By love the gates of heaven are opened, the Kingdom of Heaven promised to us. She managed the fishermen, she strengthened the martyrs. She transformed the deserts into dormitories, filled mountains and caves with psalmopenia, taught husbands and wives to go the narrow way. O blessed love, the giver of all good! (26, 354).

Blessed is the man who has neglected everything and acquired love. His reward is growing every day: he has a crown ready, all the Angels are pleasing him. The Lord never leaves Him (26, 355).

Whoever has acquired love, is not subject to the passions of anger and wickedness, but, living pure and undefiled, will receive the Kingdom of Heaven (27, 290).

None of the demons dare to approach those clothed in unhypocritical love, because he sees in them the Man-loving God, the Culprit and the Giver of Love. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (27, 242).

If the mind is busy with the love of God and the memory of Him, it is death and defeat to the wicked one. Hence comes a pure love for the brother, true simplicity and meekness, humility, sincerity and kindness, prayer and the perfect follow-up to the holy commandments; Through the only and first commandment about the love of God truly receive the fullness of virtues. Rev. Ephraim the Syrian (27, 338).

Let man try to become pleasing and pleasing to God - and experience will experience heavenly blessings, ineffable pleasure, infinite wealth of the Godhead (33, 29).

If the soul loves the Lord, she is freed from the networks (vice) by her own faith ... and with the help of the above is rewarded with the Eternal Kingdom (33, 49).

To the Loving God and God will grant His love. The Monk Makarios of Egypt (33, 120).

Until a man loves God from all his strength, until he clings to God with all his heart, until then he is not given rest from God (82, 141).

Love is driven out of laziness; she is born where there is no fear of God (82, 202).

A God-loving heart is alien to vindictiveness (82, 216).

Perfect love of God resists internal abuse, defeating them by the will of God and conquering it (82, 219).

God is all-powerful: he saves those who love Him from temptations, but the evil ones betrays death. Faith of a righteous man turns God into lambs (82, 235).

Perfect love of God resists all mental attacks of enemies. Rev. Abba Isaiah (34, 138).

Love is the head, the root, the source and the mother of all blessings ... Without it, everything else will not do us any good. It is the sign of the disciples of the Lord, the distinctive quality of the slaves of God (35, 494).

If this love enters the soul and ignites a bright fire in it, then at least she finds something rigid, stony, dry and unfeeling in our thoughts, she alone destroys, and another softens and makes the soul a spacious and fertile arable land, capable of acceptance of divine seeds (37, 310).

He who loves (the Lord) the way he should love, he also tries to keep his commandments, because he is genuinely inclined towards someone who tries to do everything that his love can attract(38, 591).

He who loves God will not despise his brother, he will not prefer wealth to his neighbor, but will do him good, remembering Him who said: "Because you did this to one of these my little brothers, you did to me" ( Mf 25, 40) (38, 591).

Burning with love for God no longer wants to look at external objects, but, seeing the other eyes, that is, with the eyes of faith, constantly directs his mind towards Heaven, contemplates it and, walking on the earth, does everything as if he lives in Heaven, not meeting in any human obstacle to the feats of virtue (38, 294).

From pure love to God, we become holy, and God keeps our greatest treasure - the soul, so that we can not fall into the hands of the enemy. And if we fall. God does not leave us, but frees us by binding the true sinner, the root of sin is the devil, and he gives us a hand so that we escape from illegally attacking us (39, 933).

Love unites many into one body and makes souls their dwellings of the Holy Spirit, because not in the separated from each other, but united to the soul can dwell Spirit of the World (40, 578).

Love, which has the foundation of Christ, is firm, constant, invincible; can not be terminated by anything - neither slander, nor danger, nor death, nor anything else (41, 622).

The great good is love. It is stronger than fire, it goes back to Heaven itself, and there is no obstacle that could keep its strong desire (42, 486).

Verily, love is a strong wall, unconquerable not only for (evil) people, but for the devil (43, 356).

Let us love Christ, as we ought to love, in this is a great reward, in this is the Kingdom and joy, pleasure and glory, incalculable bliss, which can neither be expressed in words nor comprehended by the mind(43, 536).

If people love each other more than any pleasure, what word, what kind of thought can represent the bliss of the soul, which loves God and is kind to Him? (43, 592).

Love, pleasing to God, is the strongest weapon against the devil (43, 817).

The love of God exalts us over everyday concerns (45, 965).

Love excludes fear and instills in the heart boldness to God (43, 996).

Love brings up the body, inflames the spirit, cleanses the soul; love makes the work of the ascetics worthy of respect and opens the blessed womb of the Son of God to them. St. John Chrysostom (43, 997).

Love will not be interrupted by any time, for not only in the real world will it benefit us, but when the soul is freed from the body, love will become much more effective, more excellent, will not be weakened by any defect, but with constant purity it will be fiercer and more sincere to cling to God. Reverend John Cassian Roman (53, 175).

The soul that loves God, in God, and in Him alone becomes a rest (55, 276).

He who attains the love of God does not want to be here again, because love destroys fear. And I, beloved, because I have entered into foolishness, can not keep a secret in silence, but I am made unreasonable for the benefit of the brethren, because such is true love: it can not contain anything secretly from its beloved. When I wrote this, my fingers repeatedly did not have time to write down the thought on paper, and I could not keep my patience with the pleasure that invaded my heart and made me stop feeling. However, blessed is he, whose thoughts are always about God, who restrained himself from all things of the world and with Him alone remained in the conversation of his conduct. And if he gets his patience, then he will not have to wait long for the fetus (55, 165).

Paradise is the love of God, in which the enjoyment of all the bliss, where the blessed Paul was saturated with the natural food, and when he ate there from the fruit from the tree of life, exclaimed: "The eye did not see, the ear did not hear, and it did not come to the man's heart that God prepared for those who love Him "(1 Corporation 2, 9). The fruits of this tree became forbidden for Adam according to the devil's intent. The tree of life is the love of God, from which Adam has disappeared, and since then has not met his joy, but he worked and worked on the ground thorns. Deprived of the love of God, if they walk in the right way, they eat that sweat of bread in their deeds, which is commanded to the pristine man after his fall. Until we gain love, our doing on earth thorns. And although our sowing is the sowing of truth, we sow, and we reap in the midst of thorns, and we are wounded every hour, and whatever we do to justify ourselves, we live by the sweat of our brow. And when we gain love, then we will eat the Heavenly Bread and be strengthened in strength without work and work. Heavenly Bread is Christ, "descended from heaven" (John 6, 58) and giving life to the world. This food is angelic. Whoever has found love, every day and hour he eats Christ and becomes immortal. For it is said: "He who eats this bread ... which I will give" will not see death for ever (John 6, 51). Blessed is he who tastes of the bread of love, which is Jesus. And that he who tastes of love tastes Christ, who is all over God, John testifies of this: "God is love" (1in 4, 8). Finally, the one who lives in love brings the fruit of life from God and even in this world, in the sensed here smells the air of the Resurrection. This air will be enjoyed by the righteous by the Resurrection. Love is the Kingdom; about it the Lord gave a mysterious promise to the apostles that they will taste it in His Kingdom. For what has been said: "Ye shall eat and drink for my dining table in my kingdom" (Luke 22, 30) - what does it mean otherwise than love? Love is enough to nourish a person instead of food and drink. Here is the wine that cheers the heart of man (Psalm 103, 15). Blessed is he who will taste this wine! They drank his intemperate - and were ashamed; the sinners drank - and forgot the path of stumbling; drunk drunkards - and became fastors; the rich drank - and desired poverty; they drank miserable - and enriched themselves with hope; they drank sick and became strong; drunk ignoramuses - and managed (55, 391-392).

The love of God prompts man to virtue, and by him he is carried away in charity. Reverend Isaac the Syrian (56, 33).

Attraction and love of God is light. Therefore, shining in the God-loving souls, love immediately drives away the darkness of passions and (sensual) pleasures and establishes a day of dispassion (59, 68).

As far as you, Savior, transcend all that is seen, so much is the love for You that obscures all human love, turns away from the inclination to carnal pleasures and soon drives away all lusts (59, 68).

The blessings of this world are usually accompanied by sorrows and painful and painful labors, and the life that a person lives in God, conversing with Him and contemplating ineffable blessings, surpasses all bliss and beyond all glory, happiness, joy and consolation. Reverend Simeon the New Theologian (61, 65).

The mind that clings to God and dwells in Him with prayer and love, is wise, good, strong, philanthropic, gracious, generous, and simple to say, carries in itself almost all the Divine properties. The Monk Maximus the Confessor (68, 187).

He sat down at the right hand of the Father. He is the New Adam, the ancestor of the holy tribe of the elect. Faith in Him inscribes it among the elect; election is accepted by holy humility, imprinted with holy love (108, 543).

Having learned the will of God, we must fulfill it, because love demands it. She does not content herself with learning the will of her beloved, she longs to fulfill her (111, 252).

The first spiritual manifestation of love for God is revealed in the sense of the fear of God, which, according to the Scriptures, is the beginning of Wisdom. Bishop Ignatius (Brianchaninov) (111, 257-258).

Love kindles love. Feeling how the Lord loves you, you can not remain cold to Him: the heart itself will be brought to Him with thanksgiving and love. Keep the heart under the influence of such a conviction of the love of the Lord, and the warmth of the heart will soon increase in the flame of love for the Lord. When this is done, you will not need any reminders about God and no instructions how to do it. Love will not let for a moment forget your beloved Lord. Bishop Theophan the Recluse. What is the spiritual life and how to tune in it? M., 1914, p. 183-184.

Love Him, and, when you combine this love with Him, often think of Him, rather than how much you breathe. Then the Lord will love you, or better, will show you his love. He's the same. Letters to different people about different subjects of faith and life. M., 1892, p. 90.

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