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Vladimir Putin visited the Konevsky Monastery

During his visit to the island of Konevets on Lake Ladoga, Vladimir Putin got acquainted with the large-scale work on the restoration of the Konevsky Christmas-Bogorodichny Monastery complex and talked with the representatives of the Vyborg diocese, the website "The President of Russia" informs.

In particular, Father Sergiy told the head of the state about the work of the center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts created by him a few years ago, which takes not only Russians but also citizens from other countries.

Earlier the organization had close coordination with the Federal Service for Control over Drug Trafficking (by the Decree of the President of 5 April 2016 the FSKN was abolished, its functions and powers were transferred to the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - the Main Directorate for Drug Control). The clergymen appealed to the President to assist in establishing cooperation with the department after its reorganization.

Vladimir Putin discussed this issue by telephone with Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsov and gave the necessary instructions with an emphasis on the importance of work on the rehabilitation of drug addicts and the fight against drug addiction, as well as on the importance of interaction of public organizations with the ministry in this context.

A source: Pravoslavie.Ru

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