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Vladimir Putin continues to lead Russia in an evolutionary way

The fifteenth "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin" lasted four hours. During this time he answered the 73 question. Most of them relate to long-standing sick problems, but there were many new topics. A straight line showed Russia, which learns to overcome difficulties and solve problems while appreciating its achievements.

The fifteenth "Direct Line with Vladimir Putin" took place.

On the one hand, the circle of topics raised in the conversation with the president turned out to be familiar and, one might even say, standard: emergency housing and utilities in general; Health and education; Low incomes of people; Ecology and environmental activities (with often directly opposite examples from Balashikha and Olkhon), raising the retirement age, the victim's suffering from natural disasters, and so on.

On the other hand, there were many questions that relate to new topics and recently manifested problems and conflicts, such as, for example, the renovation program for housing and the fate of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

As usual, most of the direct line was focused on the domestic agenda of the country. Foreign policy was represented by the discussion of sanctions (where the focus was also on their impact on the situation inside Russia), relations with the US and Lermontov quoted the Ukrainian president.

It is noteworthy that it was the foreign policy issues that became the object of jokes of the Russian president. The promise to grant political asylum to the former director of the FBI, James Komi, is worthy of being included in the list of the most witty statements of Vladimir Putin.

Putin's answers will be for a long time and in detail will be understood by observers and experts, especially since the Russian president once again gave serious grounds for profound conclusions. Suffice it to recall his lengthy statement about Victor Medvedchuk, which automatically made many think that the Kremlin will promote his candidacy for the post of the new leader of Ukraine.

No less impressive was the question addressed to the Governor of the Stavropol Territory Vladimir Vladimirov: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, where is the money?" - associated with the help of a resident of the region, which suffered from floods. The tone of the president was so expressive that it even provoked fake news that Vladimirov had resigned, which led the administration of the Stavropol Territory to give a refutation.

Particular attention was paid to Putin's express reservation that "we do not use the death penalty, as you know. Although sometimes ... Well, you understand what I mean. " This has already become the subject of violent speculation in social networks, are not these words of the president a hint at the return of capital punishment.

However, in addition to specific questions and particular details, perhaps even more important is the general impression that was set by a straight line, and Vladimir Putin's personal message to Russian society, which the president relentlessly broadcast in his speech.

In this regard, the following points are most significant.

first - optimism and positive dynamics in the country, despite numerous problems and difficulties.

Putin himself spoke a lot, and most of the questions he asked were devoted to specific acute problems that people face. However, the conversation was generally on a very positive background. Inclusions from the Baltic plant (where the world's largest icebreaker Arktika is being built), from Kaliningrad (where the stadium is being built for the World Cup), from Rostov-on-Don (where the creation of a new airport is coming to an end), as well as a discussion of the program renovation for the whole country, the construction of the Crimean bridge and the possible construction of a tunnel on Sakhalin - all this stressed that, despite the serious problems that exist, Russia is moving forward and life in the country is changing for the better.

Second - Development of democracy and freedom of speech in the country.

Many people noted messages from people that were broadcast directly to the whole country. Among them were not only tough, but also frankly rude. In addition, these reports dealt with any topics - from nepotism in the Russian elite to dissatisfaction with the length of Vladimir Putin's stay in power.

All this was accompanied by the quite usual rhetoric of the Russian president about the right of people to have different opinions, the normality of disputes and the need to come to a consensus on the basis of democratic procedures.

The third - patience, consistency and informal approach.

Vladimir Putin several times directly stated that many problems are not solved on the ground due to the fact that they are approached formally. And he invariably stressed the importance of observing the law, but this does not negate the need to look for ways out of dead ends and to meet each other, to show patience and humanity.

One of the most touching moments was Putin's talk with a seriously ill girl from the Murmansk region. The president, who literally an hour before asked to respect the privacy of his family (so that his children and grandchildren had a normal life), unexpectedly shared a story about the illness of his late father. And it was obvious that he was deeply touched by this suffering girl who asked not even for herself, but for her entire city.

It is not excluded that it is this persistent work of Vladimir Putin in the direction of Russia and the Russian society along the evolutionary path of development that will eventually be called his main contribution to the history of Russia.

A source: LOOK

Author: Irina Alksnis

Tags: Russia, Putin, Politics, Economics, Society

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