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The Greek authorities accused the US company of oil smuggling

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, during his speech in the country's parliament, accused the American company Capital of involvement in the case of oil and heroin smuggling on the Noor-1 tanker.

The minister said that the CEO of Capital, owned by the Greek ship owner, media magnate and owner of the Olympiakos football club, Vangelis Marinaqis, was detained for illegally importing 600 thousand dollars to Greece, RIA Novosti reports referring to the parliamentary television channel of Greece.

Kammenos also said that, according to the owner of the Noor-1 ship Makis Jannusakis, sentenced to a life sentence, these cash were received from smuggling of oil, which together with him was engaged Marinakis.

According to the Greek minister, money from drug trafficking and oil smuggling went to finance terrorism.

Recall that in June 2014, the Greek coast guard seized in the port of Piraeus 2,1 tons of heroin, which was transported by tanker Noor-1 under the flag of Togo.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: Greece, Smuggling, Oil, USA

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