Today: February 16 2019
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The authorities of Cyprus agreed on the solution of the garbage problem

The authorities of Cyprus agreed on the solution of the garbage problem

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The government of Cyprus managed to conclude a contract with Helector on waste management in the metropolitan region after lengthy negotiations, approached the closure of the landfill in Cotciatis (Nicosia).

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the Claims Review Panel (KEAA) has finally approved an additional agreement on the operation of the waste-processing plant in Cauchy (Larnaca). The document provides for the payment of Helector about 17,5 million euros instead of 19,5 million euros, originally requested by the company.

The agreement reached its goals without increasing the total cost of the contract, but by reducing it by about 11 million euros, despite doubling the amount of waste. This is due to a significant drop in disposal prices and a discount provided by the contractor.

Recall that last week, residents of villages adjacent to the test site in Kottsiatis, threatened to block 15 days all roads leading to the dump, in protest against the constant deferrals of its closure.

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