Today: February 16 2019
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Cyprus authorities are preparing to resolve the protracted garbage issue

Cyprus authorities are preparing to resolve the protracted garbage issue

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Public pressure on the authorities of Cyprus on the need to finalize the landfill in Cotciatis (Nicosia) reached its peak. Discussion on this topic unfolded in the Presidential Palace 11 April, following which Minister of Agriculture Costas Cadiz said that the final decision will be taken next week.

Last week, residents of the villages adjacent to the landfill threatened to block all roads leading to the landfill for 15 days, in protest at the constant postponement of its closure. Citing health risks and a security risk, as well as a fire in the landfill in late March, residents urged the authorities to immediately find a solution.

Recall that the deadline set by the EU to close the landfill expired at the end of last year, and the decision was made in 2009. According to the government's plans, all waste was gradually transferred to the waste-processing plant in Koshi (Larnaka). However, with regard to the contractor Helector, a judicial investigation began on charges of selling their services to municipalities as an operator of waste-processing plants in Paphos and Cauchy at inflated prices, as a result of which the work was postponed. Delays in closing the landfill in Kottsiatis threaten Cyprus with significant fines from the EU (up to 30 thousand euros for each day of delay).

A pause on the implementation of the government's plan was also raised by the refusal of the Claims Review Panel (KEAA) to review agreements reached between the government and the contractor. Last week KEAA rejected the next deal on the basis of outdated calculations of the approximate cost of exporting a ton of garbage - the data submitted by the commission were from 2016 year.

Cadiz said that the president instructed the competent public services to review the agreement with Helector and, if possible, reach an agreement on the basis of the conditions established by KEAA. The minister added that if the conclusion of the contract with Helector fails, the government will study all alternative solutions.

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