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The authorities of Cyprus will award the most "useful" citizens of the island

The authorities of Cyprus will award the most "useful" citizens of the island

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In June 2018, Cyprus will award volunteers - those people who have made the greatest contribution to the cultural and economic development of the state.

In June, in Cyprus, volunteers and employees of state and non-state institutions will be rewarded for their contribution to the development of the island. Applications for participation in the award can be submitted by adult Cypriot citizens and high school students. The questionnaires are accepted on the site until 2 February.

Awarding active citizens and civil servants is an annual award ceremony for citizens who have done something more and more important for their country. This participation in government programs, cultural events, innovation in various industries, the proposal of projects, etc. The award can go to schoolchildren and students of colleges and universities, reports Reporter.

The awarding ceremony will be held in June in the Presidential Palace. The President of Cyprus will be present at the event.

All additional information can be obtained by calling 22400163 or by sending a question to

Irina Zhmaeva
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