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The Cypriot authorities approved the creation of a police department for the protection of animal rights

17 January, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has decided to create a separate unit that will deal with the protection of animal rights. This was stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment Nikos Kuyalis to journalists immediately after the cabinet meeting. The new structure will be established within the Veterinary Department, which will be renamed the Department of Veterinary and Animal Rights Protection.

Until now, various services and agencies have dealt with animal problems in Cyprus: the veterinary department, the police, the customs department, municipalities, etc. The essence of innovation is to transfer control over the implementation of laws relating to animals, as well as coordination of work in this area in one hand. This will be addressed by the structure created. The cost of financing the new unit will be included in the budget of the ministry, explained Mr. Kujalis.

Within three months, the Ministry of Agriculture, in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which oversees the work of local authorities, will draft an appropriate bill. It will describe the tasks of all departments and departments related to the protection of animal rights. Improvement of the situation in the country will also be facilitated by the creation of a special police department that will investigate crimes against animals, the minister considers.

I hope that the culture [attitude towards animals] begins to change slowly and slowly.

Nikos KUYALIS, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus


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