Today: January 18 2019
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The authorities of Cyprus will breathe life into the mountain resorts of the island

The authorities of Cyprus will breathe life into the mountain resorts of the island

Tags: Cyprus, Tourism, Reforms, Troodos

At the end of last week, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the strategic plan of the Minister of the Interior Konstantinos Petridis on the development of mountain resorts in Cyprus. Thus, the government is ready to take another attempt to stop and reverse the depopulation of the Troodos villages, which lasts for decades.

The main goals are to make the region more attractive for the life of the local population and tourists, to develop an effective plan for the protection and exploitation of natural resources, as well as to improve the infrastructure and transport network.

According to Petridis, the occupancy of hotels in Troodos in mid-August does not exceed 60%, by the end of the month it falls by 10%, and the sharp decline does not stop until the end of the year. As a result, from February to May, hotels in the mountains work at a loss.

The Minister of Internal Affairs has not yet specified the details of the forthcoming bills. However, he indicated that the government plan would require the creation of a new inter-ministerial committee. The new department headed by Petrides should include the ministers of finance, transport and agriculture.

A detailed plan, developed by experts from the Greek University of Thessaly, will be submitted to the Cabinet in June 2018 for consideration.

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