Today: January 22 2019
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The authorities of Cyprus will protect buyers of used motorcycles

The authorities of Cyprus will protect buyers of used motorcycles

Tags: Cyprus, Transportation

Buyers of used two-wheeled vehicles will now be protected from possible fraud: the Department of Transportation in Cyprus is considering a new bill on motorcycle inspection.

On Friday in Cyprus a meeting will be held to discuss the new bill. It will be coordinated with the EU regulations on the import and sale of second-hand two-wheeled vehicles with an engine capacity exceeding 125 cm3. For motorcycles will be provided mandatory inspection with the entry of data in a special register, writes Philelewtheros.

This will be done for the safety of buyers of used motorcycles. It is planned that a single vehicle verification database will be created across the EU, which will help to avoid unscrupulous sellers. Transport will be put up for sale only after verification, so buyers will be able to buy a motorcycle, seeing its real condition.

The database will have three categories of faults found in the TC - minor, significant and dangerous. Each fault will be described in detail, and a recommendation will be given for its elimination. Thus, the future owner will be able to estimate in advance his purchase and the costs associated with it.

Irina Zhmaeva
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