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The authorities of Limassol and the British military are ready for war with intrusive insects

The Municipality of Limassol, in conjunction with the leadership of the British military base in Akrotiri, presented an action plan for the destruction of mosquitoes that plague the western part of the city.

To solve the problem, new spray plants will be used. In the fight against insects, more people will be involved, in particular, entomologists will be involved.

The municipality has identified 33 priority zones, which will be processed first. Most of them in the districts of Akrotiri, Asomatos, Trachoni and Tserkes.

To combat mosquito larvae, special non-toxic and harmless mixtures for humans and animals will be used. To combat adult mosquitoes, the Ministry of Agriculture of Cyprus will provide special magnetic traps.

A source: Cyprus Butterfly

Author: Gleb Nekrasov

Tags: Cyprus, Limassol, Insects

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