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In France, he won "Emmanuel Hollande"

A week later, the new president of France, Emmanuel Macron will regalia of Fransua Ollanda. The outgoing extremely unpopular president has already promised to support his former economy minister. In foreign policy, including relations with Russia, by young Makron forward to continuing the old line. In itself, the French president, "selected without desire", will deal with the division of society and the new opposition.

According to the results of counting 100% of ballots in the second round of the French presidential elections won by the leader of the liberal movement En Marche! ( "Forward!"), Former economy minister Emmanuel Macron. He scored 66,1% of the vote, the leader of the party "National Front" Marine Le Pen - 33,9%.

Le Pen has recognized the victory of an opponent, but vowed to continue the fight in June - the parliamentary elections. World leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Makron election.

Transfer Emmanuel Macron presidential powers will be held next Sunday, May 14 - reported by the incumbent President of the Republic Fransua Olland. The hugely unpopular president Socialist with a record antireyting, Hollande promised to support and assist his successor in office. The outgoing owner of the Elysee Palace firmly rejected allegations that former economy minister at the time had betrayed him, "escaped" from the socialist government. It is "absolutely not true, he followed me" - quoted by Tass Hollande.

"I am proud that my work showed him the way that he will be able in the future to move forward", - said the outgoing president of the republic. Which has led observers quipped - won the presidential election, "Emmanuel Hollande."

Le Pen: Selection is complete, the fight begins

Marine Le Pen, recognizing Makron victory, proclaimed at the same time the birth of the "new opposition force" - "patriotic alliance." "National Front started a strategy of building alliances", - reminded Le Pen. leader of the "National Front" chief advisor Florian Filippo in an interview with television channel TF1 promised that the party "will be transformed into a new political force."

The second round of presidential elections demonstrated rearrangement of the political space in France, said the leader of the "National Front".

Analysts in France and in general in the West have repeatedly emphasized: regardless of the election results, the main result is obvious - none of the representatives of the traditional political forces (either Gaullists right or left socialists) did not pass the final presidential race. "On the right and on the left the two parties that have ruled France over 50 years, suffered a tough defeat, - stated on the eve of elections, The New York Times. - They were pushed on a wave of popular anger over a stagnant economy and shattered the country's security. "

This is also currently draws attention and Le Pen. The traditional political parties, which have taken on the responsibility to elect Makron, discredited, she said.

"Today, the basic struggle - between the patriots and the globalists, - declared the leader of the" National Front ". Le Pen again motivated his supporters to be ready for the upcoming parliamentary elections. "I will lead this fight, because we are concerned about the prospects for the coming five years," - she explained.

President of the divided country

"Emmanuel Macron - preizdent selected without the desire and enthusiasm", - quotes RIA "News" the statement made by the Vokez Laurent, one of the leaders of the party "The Republicans" right Gaullist party (on which a candidate Fransua Fiyon). "For political project Makron no majority," - said the representative of the other side, a spokesman for the presidential candidate of the leftist forces of Jean-Luc Jean-Luc Mélenchon Alexis Korber.

With that Macron has received votes 66% of the French, who have decided not to vote for Le Pen, the actual base of support for the new president - much more modest. According to the poll, which held a public agency Cevipof, Makron economic program supports only a third of its voters.

Paris edition Le Nouvel Observateur, commenting on the global response to the Makron victory, emphasizes in the "concert of congratulations," it was one "false note" - the part of Russia. In support of this publication cites the opinion of head of the Federation Council commission on information policy Alekseya Pushkova. However, the Russian senator did not say anything on that previously did not pay attention in France.

"Disappointment comes very quickly" as Macron get "chopped, irritated the country - Nouvel Observateur quoted Pushkov. - For the first time the French elections were a referendum on the attitude towards the EU ", - said the senator Pushkov. Supporters of the European Union won, but more than a third of the French turned against; "This has not happened in France" - indicates the Russian parliamentarian. Elections in France reveal who will have to confront a large part of the nation, do not agree with his election as a "hard share", said Pushkov.

"Friends Makron"

At the same time delighted by Emmanuel Makron victory were Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Petr Poroshenko and the head of the British Foreign Minister Boris Dzhonson, says Alexei Pushkov. "The list can not continue, - says the senator. - Tell me who your friends are ... ".

On the eve of elections, Le Pen ironically warned: "France is in any case will be managed by a woman. If it is I will not, it will be Merkel. " "In the elections in France in any case won by a woman, - says Alexei Pushkov. - This woman - Angela Merkel. Now, it is to prevail in the elections in his country ", - the politician believes.

Indeed, immediately after the announcement of election results Macron managed to hold a telephone conversation with Merkel. Conversation with Frau Bundeskanzlerin passed "in a warm atmosphere." Sources close to the president-elect of France promised that his first visit Macron make it to Berlin.

In relations with Russia - a continuation of the line of Hollande

With regard to the relationship Makron to Russia, it can be determined in the near future - said Senator Pushkov. In his opinion, will be the indicator of participation or non-participation of representatives of the new French government at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (to be held in the northern capital of 1 3 to June).

"It will be about the same as under the previous president," Hollande - welcomed the prospects of Russian-French relations at Macron head of the Federation Council's International Affairs Committee Konstantin Kosachev. If the new French President really intends to protect the national interests of France (Macron as promised during the election campaign), the alignment of his interests equal relations with Moscow. "However, until the Makron statements on this score rather alarming than encouraging", - Kosachev said.

In general, the foreign policy of the young president of the Fifth Republic is unlikely to be a new one. As suggested Kosachev, priority will be Euro-Atlanticism, strengthening ties with NATO and focus on the EU leadership.

Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS) Mikhail Fradkov comments Tass said, "Russian-French relations at various stages of history have demonstrated their resilience." "Safety of the whole of Europe, including France, lays the actions of Russia in the fight against international terrorism and settlement of the Syrian conflict, achieving stability in the Middle East. I would like to express the hope that in Paris it is understood. "

The internal policy of France in any case, will undergo changes, Fradkov believes: "The new French president will have to respond to society's demands to avoid a split." Chapter RISS suggests that the upcoming June election in the French Parliament, which puts Le Pen, "will become a platform for the competition are not parties, and civil position; Populism will dominate, changing the usual party landscape of modern France. "

A source: LOOK

Author: Michael Moshkin

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