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The driver returned to the Cypriot pensioner the forgotten in the cabin of the bus 10 thousand euros

54-year-old Costas Thanos, the driver of the bus no. 200, plying from the Arediu bus station to the Central Hospital of Nicosia, found in the cabin a bag with 10 000 euro. He reported on the find to the chief, who recommended that the find be taken to the police after a working shift.

According to Phileleftheros, during his next voyage on a stop at the Central Hospital of Nicosia, Costas noticed an elderly man who was clearly looking for something. It was one of the passengers who rode the route No. 200 earlier. It turned out that he had forgotten the bag in the bus.

According to the elderly man, frightened of "haircuts" in the bank, he decided to withdraw money from his account. He described the personal things that were in the bag, after which the driver returned it. The pensioner offered Kostas a solid material reward, but he refused, confining himself to a strong handshake.


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