Today: October 19 2018
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The wars of mobile operators in Cyprus

The wars of mobile operators in Cyprus

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The Cyprus state-owned telecommunications company Cyta is losing its leadership position at an alarming rate, Cyprus Mail writes.

In June 2017, Cyta's share of the mobile market declined to 58,4% from 62,3% in June last year. At the same time, the main competitor of Cyta, MTN increased its stake to 32,6% (last June it was 30,9%). Primetel also managed to win back a small market share - 9% in June 2017 compared to 6,5% in June 2016

In the prepaid mobile market, the situation is even grimmer for Cyta. Although the share is even more than half the market (51,7%), but since June 2016, it has fallen by 5,2%. MTN and Primetel increased their market share in this segment to 39,5% and 6,9% from 36,1% and 4,9% for the year, respectively.

In the mobile broadband, the share of Cyta also decreased - from 94,6% to 91,9%. In the market of fixed telephony - from 75,6% to 72,4%.

In the broadband Internet market, Cyta also lost a stake, even despite new tariffs and lower prices. 57,7% this June against 59,9% in the past. MTN managed to increase its stake to 6,2% from 4,2% last year. Primetel grew in this sector not so much - from 15,2% to 15,5%. The second player in this market is Cablenet - the share of 20,7% (20,4% last June).

Gleb Nekrasov
Cyprus Butterfly
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