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"Wolf in sheep's clothing": the EU started to criticize Poroshenko

"Wolf in sheep's clothing": the EU started to criticize Poroshenko

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The EU should stop funding the leadership of Ukraine, as Kiev can not eliminate corruption in the country. Authorities promised reforms failed: a country riddled with corruption, and political parties are still under the control of oligarchs. These findings are contained in a new report, the Brussels Centre for European Policy Studies, funded by the EU.

The EU should stop supporting Kiev because of the failed attempts to carry out reforms in the country. This is stated in a new report by the Brussels Center for European Political Studies (CEPS), funded by the EU authorities.

"In the three years since the" Maidan ", the leadership of Ukraine and failed to fulfill their promises in terms of the fight against corruption in the judiciary, restore order in the area of ​​financing of political parties and the decentralization of public administration, - the report says. - The Customs Service has not yet been reformed, state-owned enterprises have not been privatized, and private property rights are not adequately protected. "

The document's authors believe that the current situation in Ukraine resembles a story with Moldova, which became a failure in the external policies of the EU.

"The European Union should do everything possible to prevent the recurrence of Ukraine failed Moldovan script, - the report says. - At one time, the leadership of Moldova, despite the enormous political and economic support from the EU, failed to solve the problem of corruption that hit not only his own reputation but also the reputation of the European Union. "

in words only

EU authorities should block funding regime Poroshenko earlier than was done in Moldova, the report said.

"The EU should firmly insist that the Ukrainian elite took an active part in a genuine state-building, starting to fight corruption, which systematically undermines the foundations of the state - are calling in Brussels. - If the authorities (in Ukraine -. RT) does not react properly, the EU must be prepared to stop supporting Ukraine, with even earlier than in the case of Moldova. "

The Europeans say that Poroshenko government is fighting corruption in the country "only on paper", but in fact, in every way prevents real reform, constantly pulling them.

"If the government calls itself pro-European, that is no reason to put up with corruption, - the document says. - Help the EU should be directed to those who are really struggling to overcome the corruption and building in Ukraine a European state, and not to those who claim to call themselves European, but acts as a "wolf in sheep's clothing. '"

Recall, as he wrote earlier the RT, the president of Moldova Igor Dodon during the meeting with EU President Donald Tusk said the desire to withdraw from Moldova association agreement with the EU.

"I intend to inform about the shortcomings and problems that have become apparent over the two years of implementation of this agreement, on the deceived expectations faced by our citizens," - he said before the trip to Brussels Dodon in an interview with Tass.

Thus, according to the president of Moldova, the main indicators of the national economy fell due evroassotsiatsii - export, attraction of foreign investments and international ratings.

The power of the oligarchs

The paper's Brussels Research Center noted that the time to reform the Ukrainian authorities irretrievably lost, and the results are negligible.

"First, as shown by the experience of Georgia, anti-corruption measures are most effective if they are taken directly to the first years after the revolution, - the document says. - Secondly, if the success of the current Ukrainian government is estimated higher than the work of Yushchenko and Yanukovych, it's not a reason to celebrate. "

At the same time the current government in Ukraine, as before, belongs to the oligarchs, the document notes.

"Control over the financing of political parties in Ukraine also remains unaffordable challenge - analysts say. - Most of the parties are financed and controlled by the oligarchs. "

The Europeans have also noted that the Ukrainian authorities to hinder the work of the new special services, which must fight against corruption. In particular, this report is about the national anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine.

"The General Prosecutor of Ukraine, which still has not been reformed, in the spirit of Soviet times, putting pressure on the anti-corruption bureau and impedes the work of departments, - the report says. - Office staff in the performance of their duties have even been forced to engage in a fight with the representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office. "

Brussels Center report finds that the lack of real reform in Ukraine prevents Europeans to confront new policy 45-th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

"Reform can only allow Ukraine to provide arguments to refute the rhetoric Trump administration towards Russia, - says the document. - Then the EU will be easier to insist on retaining anti-Russian sanctions and further correction of the situation in Ukraine, by providing it with financial and technical support. "

At the same time Brussels experts point out that if Ukraine does not hold the necessary reforms, the country will come even more difficult times.

New casting

Criticism of the authorities of Ukraine, sounded in the report related to the EU authorities, the research center could mean unwillingness to Brussels to fund the Ukraine, instead of the United States, he told RT Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of Moscow State University Andrei Manoilo.

"When Obama Ukraine supported the US through a stream tranches from the International Monetary Fund, controlled by the Americans, - the expert explained. - But Trump has said that Ukraine - it is Europe, not Washington. Europeans now have to find money to finance Kiev from his own pocket. "

At the same time, Europeans understand that any tranche against Ukraine, the authorities which control the oligarchs - a waste of money, says Manoilo.

"Poroshenko has ceased to hold Europe because both Peter A. can overcome the oligarchs in Ukraine, if he is one of them, - the expert believes. - Their power is based on corruption, and therefore the EU payments simply dissolve into a bottomless barrel. "

The expert notes that the Europeans needed reforms to control Ukraine by financing, but the current government in Kiev is not able to hold them.

"It seems that the EU begin casting for the role of President of Ukraine, which could be completed by the end of spring," - concluded Manoilo.

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