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A wave of bad weather covered Greece, dozens of settlements left without electricity

After two weeks of anomalous heat, Greece was covered by a wave of bad weather, which brought thunderstorms, hail, floods and landslides.

The element caused serious damage to agriculture, the hurricane broke the roofs, knocked down trees and left dozens of settlements without electricity.

In Metzovo hail fell with a quail egg, which destroyed almost the entire crop. From potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables there were some broken stems.

Dozens of houses were flooded, traffic on some routes is blocked due to landslides. Mud flows carried cars off the track, in Kiatos, a young couple was blocked in their car, because of the prolonged rainfall it was almost impossible to travel on roads. In the city of Patras, rescuers did not have time to evacuate people from flooded dwellings. A similar situation developed in Kato Achaia, Vranayka, Castelocabos, Actaeon, Logos, Rion, Antirryon, Thessaloniki, etc. The squally wind in some regions reached 8 points on the Beaufort scale.

A source: newsbomb

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