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"Magic fly agarics" brought the inhabitant of Nicosia to the arrest

The anti-drug distribution department of the Police of Cyprus (YKAN) detained 25-year-old resident of Nicosia. As reported by Cyprus News Agency, during a search in his rented apartment were found:

  • 12 hallucinogenic mushrooms, which are written in Greek Cypriot media indicate English words magicmushrooms("Magic mushrooms").
  • Hemp canopy height of seven centimeters.
  • Scales for weighing small doses of chemicals.
  • Equipment for the cultivation of cannabis.

The tenant of the apartment was detained on the basis of a warrant. During the preliminary court hearings that took place on Sunday, the Nicosia District Court left the ex-owner of the "magic mushrooms" in custody.


Tags: Cyprus, Police, Arrest, Drugs, Nicosia

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