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What do you think about the unification of Cyprus?

What do you think about the unification of Cyprus?



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15.06.2017 - 12: 00

Question to the President: Vladimir Putin is holding a straight line

Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting an 15 straight line, during which he will answer questions from the Russians. On the agenda are the social sphere, healthcare, education, economy, foreign policy and many other topics. According to the latest data, the president received more than 1,8 million hits.

The press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin was preparing for a straight line for two days.

"But close, when he already releases himself from all events, in fact - two (days), then, what I was a witness, he sits continuously for two days", - quotes RIA Novosti Peskov.

  • Putin: It's premature to talk about joint activities with the Japan on the Kuriles

    It is premature to talk about joint economic activities with Japan in the Kurils, President Vladimir Putin said in a straight line with the Russians.

    Putin noted that Moscow proceeds from the premise that joint work with Japan is possible in the Kuriles, although there are burdensome security issues, Tass reports.

    In mid-March, Tokyo prepared proposals for joint economic activity with the Kurils in Moscow.

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  • Putin spoke about his attitude towards political longevity

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was positive about political longevity, but only if it complies with the laws of the country.

    According to him, he sees political long-livers in other countries. "This is in principle normal, if it is within the framework of democratic procedures, and if this is within the framework of the current law," Tass reports.

    Putin stressed that in Russia no one in this respect violated the law.

    In a straight line, Putin noted that he would not choose his successor, but the Russian people during the elections. In addition, he spoke about the main tasks for the next presidential cycle.

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  • Putin answered the question about traveling in a time machine

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in a straight line answered the question about where he would like to go in a time machine.

    The question was asked by the child, however, the president noted that the question is "not childish," and it is first necessary to decide whether it is possible for the time machine to move to the past or the future, it is possible to change something, or not.

    "I think it's better not to touch anything when moving around," Putin said in response to the speaker's clarifying question about what conditions the president would like.

    "Although, of course, it is very interesting for me to see how our country was built, developed. How St. Petersburg was built, how our grandfathers won in the war. I have tears in my eyes when I watch the chronicles of those years, "Putin shared.

    At the same time, according to him, in order to look into the future, there is already a time machine called "history". According to Putin, we need to study it in order to learn lessons and understand what the country expects in the future.

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  • Putin: The Crimean bridge is being built ahead of schedule

    President Vladimir Putin in a straight line said that the construction of the Crimean bridge is ahead of schedule, and the construction will be delivered on time.

    A resident of the Crimea Alexander Bochkarev asked the president whether the Crimean bridge would be built on time.

    "The Crimean bridge is being built in accordance with the schedule, even with a slight lead. All plans will be implemented on time and qualitatively, "Putin said.

    He also said that the problem with the construction of access roads to the bridge is also being solved.

    At the same time, Putin said that the authorities are engaged in "reviving the plans" for the construction of a bridge or tunnel to Sakhalin Island. According to him, the provisional cost of such a bridge will be even lower than the cost of the Crimean bridge.

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  • Putin spoke about the lessons of the operation in Syria

    President of Russia Vladimir Putin in a straight line told about the benefits of the operation in Syria, the Russian armed forces and the defense industry complex.

    A resident of Volgograd on the day his son swore an oath in the Russian army asked what lessons the Russian armed forces had learned during the operation in Syria.

    "There are several components. This is a huge benefit for our defense industry. The use of the latest weapon models made it possible to understand how it works in combat conditions and to make adjustments. We knew that this was a good weapon, but when looked at in combat conditions - this is another matter. Representatives of enterprises went out and looked at their application on the spot, after which they made adjustments, "Putin said.

    "For the armed forces themselves is an experience that is absolutely priceless without any exaggeration," the president added.

    According to him, in the long term Russia intends to establish a peaceful process of political settlement in this country.

    "Our task is to raise the level and combat capability of the Syrian Arab Republic itself and calmly return to the bases we have established there: on both Khmeimim and Tartous, by giving the Syrian troops the opportunity to solve their tasks themselves, - explained the president.

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  • Putin described areas in which Russia and the United States can cooperate

    Russia, first of all, can cooperate with the US in matters of nonproliferation and arms control, as well as in the fight against poverty, President Vladimir Putin said, responding in a straight line to the question of the editor-in-chief of Nezavisimaya gazeta, Konstantin Remchukov.

    Putin also said that Russia and the United States can negotiate and work together, both on Iranian and Syrian issues.

    He believes that it is pointless for the United States to agree on solving environmental problems in the world. Putin noted that US President Donald Trump does not abandon the discussion on the Paris agreements, although the position of the new US administration is known for them.

    The Russian president also expressed his hope for a constructive role for the US in resolving the crisis in the southeast of Ukraine.

    Russia and the United States have many topics on which the authorities of the two countries should work together. But it depends not only on Russia, Putin stressed.

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  • Putin offered the former head of the FBI Komi political asylum in Russia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin in a straight line answered the question about the testimony of ex-FBI head James Komi about alleged "interference" of Russia in the US elections.

    "The first thing I noticed: Mr. Komi said that he believes that Russia's intervention in the election process was, did not bring any evidence, but the impact on our minds was. Is it different in the world? And the constant propaganda of the United States, fueling NCO with money is not an attempt at influence? Take the globe, twist, poke a finger - there will be interest of Americans. They all say this, albeit not aloud, "Putin lamented.

    According to him, Russia has its own opinion, which it openly expresses, but does not conduct any "underground activity".

    "Next: he recorded a conversation with US President Donald Trump and passed it through his friend to the media. It sounds strange. And what is the director of the FBI then different from Mr. Snowden? Then he is not a head of the special services, but a human rights activist. By the way, if there are persecutions, we are ready to grant him political asylum, "the Russian president concluded.

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  • Putin: Russia does not consider the US an enemy

    President Vladimir Putin stated in a straight line that he does not consider the United States an enemy of Moscow and knows of a large number of Russia's friends in the United States.

    US citizen Jeremy Bowling told Putin that he supports his policy, and asked the president for advice on how to behave in an overcrowded Russophobia to America. "How can we prove to the US that Russia is not an enemy?" Asked the American.

    "Firstly, I am grateful to you for this call and I can say how the current head of the Russian state: I know the mood of our people, we do not consider America our enemy," Putin said.

    He confirmed that he knows that Russophobia is developing in the United States. "We see this, we believe that this is the result of an escalating internal political struggle," the president added.

    "I do not consider myself entitled to give you any advice, just want to thank you for this position. We know that in the US we have many friends. True, hysteria in the media influences mentality, but I assure you that there are many people in Russia who respect the achievements of the American people and hope that we will come to normal relations, "the president concluded.

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  • Putin: Russia needs to be consolidated in the Arctic

    The Arctic is the most important region that will ensure the future of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said during a direct line with the citizens of the country.

    Putin said that by the time of 2050 about 30% of all hydrocarbons will be produced in the Arctic, already now major projects are being implemented there, production has already started. "From an economic point of view, this is extremely important," he said.

    If there is a tendency to global warming, the navigation period in the Arctic region will be increased, the head of state said.

    "Regional powers are not actively interested in this region any more. This is good, but we must outline our priority, "Putin said, stressing that Russia must ensure its sovereignty in the Arctic, security of economic activity and transport routes.

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  • Putin explained to Poroshenko the meaning of the poem Lermontov

    Russian leader Vladimir Putin in a straight line answered the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on his statement about "leaving Russia", explaining the meaning of Mikhail Lermontov's poem "Farewell, unwashed Russia".

    Putin was asked to answer Poroshenko, who quoted Lermontov in connection with the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU.

    "Farewell, unwashed Russia,
    The country of slaves, the land of lords,
    And you, blue uniforms,
    And you, their devoted people. "

    "I did not see his speech on this matter, but I was told about this in the evening. I will not hide this. Pyotr Alekseevich found it possible to read this poem. This suggests that Poroshenko knows Russian classics and is interested in Russian literature. For this I praise, "Putin mocked.

    "But the poem has a continuation," he added and recited:

    Perhaps, behind the wall of the Caucasus
    I'll hide from your pasha,
    From their all-seeing eye,
    From their hearing ears

    "Lermontov was a progressive man. He was worried about Russia and wanted improvement. But I wrote these verses in 41-42 year, God forbid, when he went to the Caucasus, being an officer of the Russian army. Defended the country. At this point in the region, which is now Ukraine, were regions of Russia. Lermontov then spoke about all of Russia. So there's nothing to pick your nose up here, "Putin said.

    Putin noted that, in fact, Lermontov did not go anywhere - he was traveling from one region of Russia to another.

    "Maybe Poroshenko gives us a signal that he, too, is not going anywhere? Thinly so, with an eye on the nationalists. But of course, this is only a bold assumption. In fact, apparently, Peter Alekseevich wanted to show that he is leading the country to Europe, "Putin said, joking that where he leads the country," the uniforms of blue more than we have. "

    "Let it be more accurate. But I want to say that we have nothing against them. Advice to you and love, be more careful, especially with "recruits" - joked Putin.

    Summarized his speech on the poem Lermontov Putin quotation of another classic - Ukrainian.

    "Taras Shevchenko once said:" Ukraine has gotten to the very edge, and worse than the lakhs are crucified by her own children. " I hope that this period in the history of this country will soon end, "Putin concluded.

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  • Putin thanked Ukrainians supporting Russia

    President Vladimir Putin in a straight line confirmed that Russia has many friends in Ukraine, and said that he appreciates people who, living in this country, continue to support Moscow.

    "Why did you abandon us. After all, in Ukraine not all Bandera supporters. We go to the "Immortal Regiment", and we honor the memory of our grandfathers. Why do you paint all of us on TV channels in one color, "the resident of Kiev asked the Russian leader.

    Putin thanked the man for the call.

    "Thank you for your position that you cherish history. We see this and highly appreciate it. I can not agree that everyone smears with one black paint, we generally try not to smear anyone. ... We are afraid to inflict some damage on you and try not to interfere in the political processes in Ukraine, "Putin explained.

    The President also recalled Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of the Ukrainian Choice - People's Right movement, calling him an ardent supporter of Ukraine's independence, a nationalist who at the same time stands for good relations with Russia. "And in this he is not alone," Putin said.

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  • Putin: Sanctions forced to include brains

    History shows that the Russian state lived under Western sanctions from the moment when the country began to get stronger, get up on its feet; Restrictions were introduced under different pretexts, when partners began to see Russia as a strong competitor, said President Vladimir Putin during the Straight Line.

    "Are we ready to live under sanctions for decades?" - such a question came to the president on the website of the Direct Line.

    Sanctions were imposed against Russia throughout its history, the president said. "I'm not talking about the Soviet era, but it was before, even before the October Revolution," Putin said.

    The President reminded that now in the US Senate the question arose of new sanctions against Russia. The head of state noted that it is not clear why they started talking about sanctions again, because nothing extraordinary happens. Putin said that this testifies to the continuing domestic political struggle in the United States.

    "It happens on a naked place. There would be no Crimea and other problems, they would come up with something else to contain Russia, "Putin said.

    "Have sanctions affected us or not? Of course, reflected. Cardinally or not? I do not think so, "the president said, explaining that the Russian economy was more affected by the global conjuncture and lower prices for traditional Russian goods: oil, gas, and metallurgy.

    Sanctions are a double-edged weapon that harms everyone, including those who do it, the Russian leader stressed.

    "Strangely enough, sanctions have some pluses. We were forced to include brains, talents, concentrate resources in key areas, and not just use oil and gas dollars, "the head of state said.

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  • Putin said that for him the main thing in a straight line

    President Vladimir Putin said that a direct line with citizens helps him understand the mood of the population and learn the main problems of Russians.

    "It makes sense - once a year to hold such events, so that where things do not move well, they do something good, social issues are resolved," the president said.

    He noted that it is important for him to understand the mood of the society and to find out that "most people are worried."

    "To understand what is the main, screaming problem for today, what you need to pay attention to. For this I want to thank the Russians, "Putin added.

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  • Putin said about overcoming the economic crisis

    President Vladimir Putin in a straight line with the Russians said that the recession in the Russian economy has been overcome.

    "You started, in fact, with the central question - did the economic crisis end, and really want to respond positively, send a positive message to the community, but you always think something will suddenly happen," Putin said, answering journalists' question.

    The president also noted that, according to objective data, the recession in the Russian economy was overcome: "we came to a period of growth." In particular, three quarters in a row there has been growth in the economy, GDP growth.

    "Modest, but nevertheless from quarter to quarter (growth is observed - note VZGLYAD). In general, for four months the growth was 0,7%, "Putin said, adding that industrial production is also growing.

    In addition, according to the Russian leader, there is an increase in investments in fixed assets - 2,3%. Also there is an increase in sales of cars and mortgages, growth of non-energy exports.

    "Well, the main indicator - we have a record low inflation for the entire recent history of Russia. We hope to reach 4% for the year, "Putin added.

    At the same time, he drew attention to the problems, noticing that in Russia over the past few years, real incomes of citizens have decreased, and the number of people living below the pallor has increased. Currently in this position were 13,5% people.

    "These figures are real fates, and we should think about them," the president said.

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