Today: 24 September 2018
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Sunday's race will block the roads of the Cypriot capital

Sunday's race will block the roads of the Cypriot capital

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Already at the end of the week, 22 October, from 9 morning to 13 hours of the day in the capital of Cyprus will be blocked part of the road. Such measures will be taken in connection with the charity run "ΑΛΦΑ ΜΕΓΑ Run as One".

To equip special tracks for runners, roads will be blocked in Nicosia. In particular, it will not be possible to use half of the day in the usual mode of Georgiu Griva-Diheni avenue in the Engomi area, Arkhangelos avenue, in part - Nikos Kranidiotis street, from the roundabout to Georgiu Griva-Digeni avenue.

As for the travel to the city, it will be difficult in the direction from Nicosia to Engami and back. It will be necessary to use bypass routes.

The Nicosia Department of Public Works apologizes for the temporary inconvenience. And also calls on citizens to be loyal to such forced measures and follow the directions of markings that will be in the city, or the recommendations of the police.

All changes, more specific areas where the roads will be blocked, as well as the ways of possible detours can be found on the website

Natalia Kudlay
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