Today: January 21 2019
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Will Europe rise up against the American occupation?

Will Europe rise up against the American occupation?

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The National Assembly of France will discuss the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia, said French MP Francois Roshebluan. Although it did not elaborate on what exactly sanctions in question. Whether the lifting of the embargo of the product, whether the lifting of the personal sanctions against individuals, the validity of which the EU extended until 15 September 2016 years.

How to regard this agenda for discussion: whether it is possible to say that France is dealt or, at least, is to meet in order to improve relations with Russia? Contagious and there is a good example to follow for France if other countries?

Peoples separately elite separately

Before you assess the initiative of the French parliamentarians, we need to make a substantial amendment. It divided France as a phenomenon on the French people and the parliamentarians, who represent his interests on the one hand, and of the French elite, which include the president and the government - on the other.

Latest Washington will perform. Ensuring that European elites manageable and flexible, the United States devoted several decades, dividing their interests and the interests of the peoples of Europe.

Of course, members can initiate the process of lifting the sanctions with Russia, because it is in the interests of the state, the interests of the population and, of course, the interests of business, because business and trade - are the pillars upon which Western civilization.

But, on the other hand, there are geopolitical Will Washington have US interests on the Eurasian continent, there is a desire to drive Russia into a corner and deprived of subjectivity. These categories are on the scales of the two. One - the interests of the French people and the French state, on the other - the interests of Washington and submission to him of the French elite.

But how would the French deputies showed no zeal in seeking to free themselves from the shackles of the US, the practice of recent decades shows that so far the European politicians to maintain its sovereignty, defend its subjectivity and the interests of the peoples of Europe can not.

And for complaisance and Washington can not offer to the French authorities for something specific, meaningful. And in order that they do not try to remove the sanctions against Moscow, the policy applies only to coercion.

United States and its interests are located on another continent and, in fact, in relation to Europe implement the same colonial, operational approach, and that all the rest. Take to the maximum, to exploit all the opportunities in Europe in US interests to use the full program, drive and shoot. Classic American approach.

French storm in a teacup

You can reassure yourself that sanctions sooner or later all the same will be removed. To give an example of the credibility of Iran. Nothing that their withdrawal took years. There is the same Cuba - albeit partial, but nevertheless the lifting of sanctions. And if the French take the first step, then it will soon have to wait and rest.

Moreover, not only in France, but throughout Europe as a large agricultural enterprises and farmers say in one voice that the sanctions - is evil, the sanctions take away income, reducing profits.

If the French did succeed, in spite of threats and coercion on the part of Washington to lift the sanctions, it will mean nothing, as the beginning of the uprising in Europe against the American occupation. Because disobedience is not included in the functions of present-day Europe, built on ground in the American melting pot patterns of the European Union.

Disobedience - it is a challenge that will change the course of European history. Then, after the French parliamentarians to follow the Italian and then Spanish, followed by the Greek, who do not wait to signal the beginning of civilization rebellion.

This will be a new revolution, tearing American collar strapped to Europe throat. This will be an exemption from the NATO boots, kicked periodically forcing barking toward Russia. In fact, we have opened a new era that changes the picture of the world ...

But something tells us that the French do not have the guts out to really take seriously and to lift the sanctions, defying the American master. Rather, it's over the next petty bargaining, threats from the French parliamentarians the French government and President Hollande, whose position ever weak.

Like, look, a better bargain with Washington for Europe in terms of creeping yoke transatlantic free trade area. And add subsidies to farmers, our voters, and not something we both begin to vote for the removal of sanctions against Russia, no one will seem little.

European Storm uprising is likely to happen ... in a glass of water. This is a much more likely scenario than the actual lifting of the sanctions with Russia and the resumption of trade, economic and political relations, which would be a blatant challenge and intolerable insolence.

Penalties are effective in their sequence

Despite the failures of the French government's policies, following the US rate, and in the social and economic sphere, Americans continue to operate as usual. If sanctions once worked, for example, against the Soviet Union, they entered in the training manual, and continue to be used automatically.

If you worked once, why not work a second time, the third? If the collapse in oil prices has weakened the Soviet economy, undermined the Soviet bloc, this method is recognized as effective and as efficient as the paid. This also applies to all other approaches.

Americans - consistent people that realize their desire for global hegemony 200 recent years. They strictly moving towards his goal, passing the task from generation to generation of American politicians.

They think big cycles - relatively large, of course. Not so long as the Chinese, but not so short races, like the Russian elite, radically changing the course after each subsequent change of leadership in the country.

Therefore, the Americans will wait for the result of the sanctions, and ten years, not ten - so fifteen, twenty - twenty so. The move to the target, waiting for the sanctions policy, "the Russian economy will tear to shreds."

What will happen at the same time with the economy of Europe, they are not interested. What will happen with the rating Hollande - and even more so, because this is not a subject of discussion.

For Americans Hollande blown away - it's just another worn the French shoe that will be thrown in the trash, but instead on the head of a new nahlobuchat submissive Frenchmen.

Yes, they are cynical, but motivated people, with continuity of policies and approaches in relation to the enemy, and neutral forces ... friends. From a strategic view of the processes. And any momentary glitches or failures did not unsettle.

Unlike us. Russian human failure is very much hurts, and he often drops his hands. And the Americans - no. They rather Anglo-Saxon diurna that allows US elites continue to move to the target.

Never mind that now sanctions have failed, then give after the September elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, after the color revolution in Russia or after the change of the current European leaders, they think. Nothing wrong. In any case, they will consistently insist on.

And we ... And we with a sinking heart will follow the French National Assembly's vote on the lifting of sanctions against Russia. Then we are frustrated sigh heavily and again plunge into the Russian slumber. The Americans finally finished with Europe payers finally for us, having achieved his. Or we will wake up ...

Valery Korovin, director of the Center for Geopolitical Expertise
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