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Exaltation of the Cross in Cyprus

Exaltation of the Cross (Feast of the Exaltation (Triumph) of the Cross) - one of the most important religious holiday celebrated on the island. Every year on this day, the Cypriots are trying to come to church and pray for their loved ones. Those who have the opportunity to stay at a festive service, be sure to do it.

Once upon a time many centuries ago, Queen Helena (mother of the Byzantine Emperor Constantine the Great) wished to find in Jerusalem Cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified. After extensive searching cross was found in the year 326, and Elena with the priceless boon went home to Constantinople. Storm broke her sailing route and the ship landed on the shores of the island of Cyprus, in which too few people lived at that time, and those suffering from years of drought and in such circumstances, barely survived.

After landing on the shore, Elena fell asleep in the shade of a tree, tired of the rough journey. According to legend, a dream she was given a vision in which appeared bright young man who spoke to her about that she erected a temple on the island in the name of the Holy Cross. Waking up, Elena discovered that one particle of the Holy Cross was gone. Moreover, together with the particle disappeared cross one of the thieves who was crucified with the savior and believe in Christ. This cross was found on the highest mountain in Cyprus - Olympos (1951 meter).

After that, Elena and everyone who was with her, saw the fire in the sky and a glowing pillar. Approaching him, Helen saw the missing particle of the Holy Cross, and realized that the church should be built there.

After the construction of the church and a small monastery that prevails on the island for almost 20 years of heat and drought, had disappeared. Rains, people began to feel more comfortable in the field of steel plows, harvested. Elena ordered to move to Cyprus Syrians and Arabians Antioch to increase the number of the island's population.

Over time, the Tree of the Lord was placed in a large cross, which is specially made for the monastery master cabinetmakers. The monastery began to grow roots more monks.

Now the monastery Stavrovouni ( "Holy Cross", the Greek stavros -. Cross) lives by a strict statute of Athos. On the territory of the monastery, and only men are allowed to the shrine. Women here entrance is strictly forbidden.

Over the years, the monastery was destroyed several times, part of the ancient frescos disappeared without a trace. But still hovering at a height of meters 690 monastery provides an unforgettable experience, even when only one view from the side.

Each year, 14 September on the feast of the Exaltation of the monastery come to the bishops, "high" visitors and pilgrims-men. Monks prepare for this day for a year, adorn the monastery and friendly welcome guests.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the Exaltation of the Holy Cross September 27.

A source: calendar of events

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