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Return from Europe to Russia

Return from Europe to Russia

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-You are on the resettlement program?
- Yes
- And where?
(Each time I think, I can say, from Moldova, to avoid continuing ...)
- From Germany.
(At this moment, in the eyes of the interlocutor flashes a light flame of curiosity ...)
Also what THERE so it is bad?
It depends on what is good for you.
There is more money, more roads, transportation is better, but one can not live there.

This is how our conversations begin for the last three weeks. Our departure from Hanover to Kaliningrad resembled a detective story, or rather its culmination. Until the very last moment, we did not say anything to anyone, did not collect things, did not prepare for the departure. The night before the departure they gathered what was going to, and in the morning they got into the car. The streets were empty on Sunday. Germany dissolved in a cold fog. For dramatic drama in the Polish nocturnal forest we were caught by a snowstorm. We did not sleep a total of two days. In this condition, the night forest looks especially picturesque. Before the new year, there were two weeks. My husband was running out of a visa. It was necessary to have time to reach, cross the border, apply, make inquiries and other formalities. And all this for two weeks. It's incredible, but we still could.

Thank God, who kept us. You, probably, think, what for to create to itself such complexities? I would also just recently surprised. I'll try to tell you in order.

But first one more small digression, without which it is impossible to understand what is, in fact, happening in the West as a whole and with us in particular. Recently, the world is changing so rapidly that it is impossible not to notice. But the more rapidly it changes, the more fanatical people bury their head in their home bustle, repeating like a magic mantra: "Nothing much is happening, it has always been so. They are there, upstairs, will share everything and agree ... "And from this point of view, neither on the philistine nor on the advanced intelligentsia. And in the meantime, you sit down in the usual morning, in an ordinary German car, turn on the usual radio and there you low and pleasant female voice languidly communicates, without emotions and assessments, as is customary in the West, objective information and nothing more. "Since the flow of emigration from the countries of the Middle East is huge, it was decided to place refugees in a former concentration camp. The blessing of the room is, so why should they stand idle? "

Quotation, of course, is not verbatim, but the meaning is preserved. You can pinch yourself, but it will not help. You can solve the problem radically: do not turn on the radio, do not watch TV. The Internet is full of interest groups. For example, in the "creative madhouse rainbow" every day new jokes, you look, and the world is again comfortable and understandable. But an amazing twenty-first century can lurk you everywhere. While waiting for the doctor's appointment, you can take a magazine from the table and read the detailed material about the delights of group sex, free relationships in the partnership and many other interesting things. And the tone of the article will be so ordinary and everyday that you are not even surprised. Well, think about it, the article. On the playground, ordinary, family people, with children walking. It is better to talk to them. In one corner, the Germans (if they even go there and they have children), the Russians in the other, and the people of the oriental appearance - everywhere.

Russian people, of course, divided into those who are for Ukraine, and those who are in shock. The situation when the pope in principle speaks to the child on Ukrainian mov, and his mother in Russian, a common thing. And they live like that. And what ?! Nothing special. But you can scold the crowd in large numbers, looking with horror at the noisy camp. And the East is delicate. I somehow passed by the playground, suddenly I hear music, oriental, viscous ... They play live on their national instruments. Germany disappears, and the world becomes completely different. They live in a new space, and who is their judge ?! But why do not our compatriots living in the West, in their majority, notice this ?! Yes, because the West makes a person of a voluntary slave.

And if the gingerbread cookies do not work, then there is always a whip. And he beats without sentimentality, with sadistic pleasure. Who said that a white man is smarter than an Indian? The Indians lost the continent for the glass beads and found themselves on reservations, and we were left for the gum, the crampons with the overseas pictures and the jeans left without the country. Voluntarily. And is it different now? Is the T-shirt with the minions not the same? But it's our Eisenstein experimenting with bananas in Mexico, studying the effect on the psyche of phallic symbols. Yes, there is Eisenstein with his universities, the minions themselves will tell all about themselves. It's scary not that it's scary, scary that it's not terrible to put on a T-shirt with minions. It is terrible that until now the West for many is like a noble knight who comes and brings with him a civilization, and an endless carnival and a yarn will notice all the tracks. Who knows what the clown mask is hiding ?! And when they find out, will not it be too late ?! It's hard to get to the West, many people are attracted by the glitter of tinsel, but it's even more difficult to break out. Free cheese is known to be in a mousetrap. Twenty years ago, when I left for Germany with a Soviet passport, I dreamed of getting a European education, joining the world culture. Learn all that the Soviet state hid. And then come back and change the world for the better.

I was impressed by the German romance of the 19 century, not branded jeans and clean toilets. Rather, on the contrary, I was frightened by these toilets as an image of blatant inequality. It was embarrassing for me to see a man standing in the doorway of the toilet, looking into the eyes of strangers in the eyes, and with horror to understand that this is how homeless dogs look. It did not take me long to understand that emigrants are needed just to keep the toilets clean, and not vice versa. And as we became more and more, it is natural that for such a warm place under the sun it was necessary to fight also. It's not a shame to be poor and humiliated, but it's impossible to live in order to enter any toilet, casino, shop ... once and not counting the loot. But despite this understanding, I still thought that somewhere there, between McDonald's and the kebab, there is that same quiet and mysterious Germany. It all started with shock. We saw the death of Colonel Gaddafi, and this death was so terrible that it became the key. She, as a missing puzzle, folded the picture of the world, broken in 90. And it became very important to write a letter to the colonel, and let this letter have been to the village of my grandfather, but it's better than not.

We woke up, and it seemed to us that everyone understood, and wanted to share knowledge with the world. My husband mounted a video for the program "World redistribution" and quarreled with those whom he had recently considered his friends. At that time, he had already finished work on a documentary about a center for people with disabilities and was looking for work, but since the director's education received in Moscow did not strongly persuade the Germans, he turned to the social services to get the opportunity to retrain to the operator , but he was refused. The situation was such that, in his free time, he could do volunteer work. But these studies did not last long. Unexpected calls began to come, strange people began to come to us. And then, suddenly, the two of us were invited to learn. As in a fairy tale everyone paid, all done, go learn. My husband and I were surprised, but did not give it much importance. Of course, there is no time to edit the videos, but you can make a movie that will change the world, and it's much better. It was a sin to refuse such a success, especially since our son was already three. And in Germany, since three years old, a child can go to a kindergarten. We thought and decided to go study together. It was necessary only to find a kindergarten. And we found, next to the place of study. We were told that the kindergarten is inclusive and our child will be prepared for it in school, as well as will teach to understand the suffering of others, help sick children and many other important and useful things. The manager was a very nice woman, and we decided that the main thing is the human factor.

Of course, it's strange that they take pictures and record everything that children do. Of course, some innovations seem ambiguous, but the main thing is that a person should be good. And so we started to learn. Time, of course, was not enough even for a dream, but if it were, at that time, we could not understand what is happening with children in Germany. After all, every day, going to the kindergarten, we saw laughing children in bright suits, painted and flushed with running and laughter. Later, when we had problems with juvenile justice, I had to deal with this. The first thing I had to admit with surprise is that when Gianni Rodari wrote about the land of liars, he wrote not a tale, but a satire. And this was a portrait of capitalist society. It is unlikely that in my Soviet childhood it would occur to me that this work could protect me, however, like Cipollino.

Distracting from the topic, I note that when I read the five-year-old children born under capitalism, about taxes on air, about poverty, they had very serious faces, and they understood where to laugh. For those who do not know yet, I will describe inclusive education and briefly touch on the general picture of the experiment that is now being put on the children of Europe. The most important thing is to understand that, no matter how beautifully the speeches were sounded, no matter how sincere people were, words do not matter in that world, and sometimes they mean the exact opposite of what is stated. The second, no less important knowledge, is that ideas are primary. The world is ruled by ideas. And it does not matter, whose mouths these ideas are being implemented. No matter how nice a person is, if he is not a convinced follower of the idea, he can not be in the midst of these ideas preaching. At the decisive moment, even a sweet man will have to choose. And his place in the society, financial well-being, his picture of the world will be put at stake. And now about the ideas themselves. The child will be protected from any pressure. His desires are above all. This is done so that he does not live life imposed on him by his parents or society. It sounds beautiful, in practice it means that there will be no closed doors in the kindergarten. The child will run around the garden and even sometimes without a demand run out into the cold.

You will be told that in order to get out, the child needs to take time off, but the three-year or four-year-old can forget, the teacher in vanity can not see. And after coming to the child, you may have to look for him, and maybe he will sit alone, like Diogenes in a barrel. So it was with my son. And if you say that this is somehow wrong, they will explain to you that if a child wants something, then to give it this is the only right one. To deal with children will also be at their request. The child should independently approach and choose a direction which he wants to be engaged. If you did not choose, then you do not want to, and you can not touch it. And the fact that a child can not know much and feel shy, and in the case of children with bilingual, do not have proper language, well, or just get distracted, this is not said in theory. I saw in this kindergarten a four-year-old girl in a dirty diaper. She slept, hiding under the dais.

Nobody touched her, probably to avoid violence against the person. Also the child's psyche will be protected from sadness and fear. This means that even the "Little Red Riding Hood" can upset the child, make him think. All old tales traumatize the psyche. And it does not matter that in adulthood children will have to face illnesses, death, betrayal. No one will prepare them for these tests. And you will be banned. Your child will be read by strange books that cause neither joy nor tears. About the beast of the middle sex, of an incomprehensible breed, about two mothers, about a funny poop. Perhaps your child will come home and ask in whom he will grow up into a girl or a boy. So it was with me. The child will develop a fine motor skills and in general all the tactile sensations. He will dance in the clothes of the opposite sex and his, with light and without, hugging each child and all together and will undoubtedly be liberated. Depending on the amount of money, a carnival will be held in the kindergarten. In our first garden it was daily. With disguises and coloring of faces. Children were fun, but my son for a year could not remember how someone's name. All that I have described is characteristic, to a greater or lesser extent, of all kindergartens and schools. This is a general trend. Inclusion involves the unification of children with limited and conventional abilities. From the point of view of emotional support for children in need of special care, she was. The children tried to help.

They learned not to be afraid, but to understand. But in terms of development, which is so necessary in three, four years, it was more difficult. Children repeat one after another and adopt models of behavior. Educators can not break, they have to find something averaged, suitable for everyone, simple songs, simple games ... But the most unpleasant is the daily observation and documentation of everything that happens to the child, what he says, draws, does, with conclusions a social worker, photos and a kid's diary, which describes his favorite toys and other useful information for adopters, which can easily be found on the desk of a juvenile employee. Fortunately, in Germany there are still Catholic kindergartens and schools, in which everything that we know is present. But even they can not be completely isolated from general trends. I am very grateful to the Catholic kindergarten, which literally saved us. By the time I was four, my child did not speak German. I do not know what exactly was the reason, but he shut up and said nothing. In the kindergarten, they were afraid of responsibility, so they told me, at least, in plain language.

They claimed that he had serious deviations, that he did not understand the speech. I had to go to a psychologist, who had already been told in advance, and he would direct us where necessary. I tried to argue and offered to pass all tests from a psychologist who knows nothing about my son. They talked me very rudely and threatened to expel me from the kindergarten. I was surprised and wrote a statement that I take the child of my own free will. After that, the head of the kindergarten and the social worker wrote a denunciation to the juvenile justice that the child is in a life-threatening situation and does not go to kindergarten because of an irresponsible mother. I learned about this from a letter in which I was informed that they would come to me with a check from the juvenile organs. In parallel with this, I found in the box a letter stating that I owe four thousand euros for utilities, and this despite the fact that I regularly paid every month. I thought it was a misunderstanding, but when the blue letter unexpectedly came to me, about the gas shut-off, I felt cold inside.

This trip just intersected with the arrival of the commission from the social services. I needed to find at least a thousand, urgently, that in Germany, having no work is impossible. No bank will give credit. And we studied. I asked for help, they did not refuse me, but I was wasting time. My family helped me, which is also not self-evident in the West. We were looking for an opportunity to move to Russia, but unfortunately, this is very difficult. In the Hamburg branch of the Russian Consulate, where we submitted documents on the program of resettlement of compatriots, we were actually dissuaded, explaining what a terrible country Russia is, and how we do not need anyone there. And then without any explanation, without written notification, they told us in a telephone conversation that they had refused us. We recorded twice for an appointment to find out what was the reason for the refusal and whether we have a chance to try again, have we done everything right ?!

But the consul suddenly fell ill twice. Naturally, we found out about it, having made a way from Hanover to Hamburg and having defended the line. When the check came, the apartment was warm. I was put on the register and offered to sign a paper in which I allowed to collect all the information about the child. I was warned that I can refuse, but they will collect the information without my permission, since in the denunciation it stands that the life of the child is in danger, and if I do not sign it, it means that I do not cooperate and hide something. It is impossible to describe what I went through. We were lucky, the child passed all the tests well. The doctors confirmed that he understands everything and speaks two languages, but he has a small German vocabulary in German. His development is normal and there are no trauma. We were sorry and took to the Catholic kindergarten, despite the fact that the queue is occupied for three years and still not everyone is lucky to get there.

Under German law, the last year before the school the child must go to the garden, otherwise it is punishable. We spent almost two years under close supervision, visits to a psychologist, etc. During this time I turned gray, met many people who, like me, faced juvenile services. They told me glaring cases and explained how to behave in order to look adequate and positive. About that, that to me, that does not happen, it is impossible to cry, shout, too to embrace the child. You need to smile and have a pleasant little talk. People who did not have affairs with these bodies, even relatives, did not believe me, looked suspiciously, doubting my adequacy. And I stopped, like many people, talk about it. But even more terrible was the realization that even if the child was not physically taken away, fulfilling all the prescriptions, I would lose his soul. By the beginning of the 2016 school year in Hanover, all education had become inclusive, and there were no preparatory classes for children who still need to learn the language. All children, with knowledge and without knowledge of the language, with physical and mental disabilities, were gathered together. We lived in an ordinary, not the worst region. Ten minutes to the city center. In our class of authentic German children there were only three people. There could be no question of integration into the German environment. But sexual enlightenment began with the second class. Classes were decorated in a free manner. The children sat at round tables, facing each other and back to the teacher. Lessons as such were not.

Children engaged in something until they got bored and they started to make noise. This was a sign of fatigue and required a change in activity. True, the noise has never completely ceased, so I do not know exactly how the teachers solved this problem. Since such an atmosphere does not contribute to concentration and does not allow thinking, children have to learn the alphabet for two years. A year they learn to add and subtract within 20. Evaluations are not put to them, they write by ear, they do not correct mistakes, so as not to injure them. Parents can not go to school, even in the yard. Textbooks do not recommend taking home. Homework, someone might seem complicated, in fact they were aimed at ensuring that the child learned to quickly distinguish patterns, and thereby improve his ability to intuitively and quickly navigate the virtual world.

Psychology of a successful person. This is an inflated sense of self-importance. Individualism. The legal right not to strain and do only what is easily given. Working in a team will teach you how to be a cog in the system, accurately follow instructions, know your place. That, in fact, and all, if you do not remember the "toilet police". The fourth graders should not have allowed first-graders, second-graders and third graders to change to the toilet. Something like this in the previous year, it happened that they decided to close the toilets for changes. You can go to the toilet only during the lesson, having asked for leave. It is clear that immediately happened with first-graders when they came to school. Such are the European innovations. And then the children came across their Turkish, Afghan, Syrian peers. While German psychologists painted the nails of boys, the visiting boys fought and knew how to do it so that the teacher did not notice. At this point you begin to understand that the child needs to be rescued from these rescuers, taken to places where no one will put experiments on it. The global world is everywhere, but while Russia still resists, the West already sees everything as a norm. How is this possible, perhaps you think? Performers are simply afraid to lose their place in the sun and blindly follow the instructions. They just need a couple of beautiful words, they are happy to be deceived. In order to understand what the architects of this experiment want, it's enough to look closely at Western films for young people and children: "Hunger Games", "Minions" ... they do not hide anything.

Do not you believe that such people exist ?! Read the chapter "The Grand Inquisitor" (FM Dostoevsky, "The Brothers Karamazov"). They do not just exist, they consider themselves right and do it out of a kind of love. What is building great architects? It seems that the zoo, where people like animals, and animals, like people. Let everyone be allowed to do everything! All bread, spectacles, light drugs, a short, meaningless life, free euthanasia! The world will be divided into Gods and beasts ... Such a movie. Maybe I do not have enough imagination to imagine the idea of ​​architects in its entirety, but something similar is in the air. And we decided to try to apply again to the Russian Consulate. We served them in Bonn, despite the fact that this is not a passing beam and had to go there more than once, and this is 400 kilometers. There just the consul changed and ... everything turned out. What happiness, hold a green ticket in your hands! And let Kaliningrad is an aspen stake, hammered by Stalin in the heart of Europe, so that the fascist salamander never again raised his head. And may this possibly be the next point of tension after the Crimea. In such times it is not terrible to die, it is terrible to live without choosing the side.

It remains only to get together, solve technical issues, and we are free. At this moment I find a letter in the box, I again owe the German state, despite the fact that I paid a monthly fee for utilities 185 euros, (This is more than the average average family pays) it turned out that I still have 2 thousand euros. I read in a letter that from the next month my utilities will be already 350 euro. And I must hurry with the payment of bills, so as not to be in a dark and cold apartment. I thought that with such amounts, I would be accurately accused that I was not myself and I did not know how to use switches. This is a common practice when poorly educated people come to Germany, they are attached to a social worker who teaches them to fill out questionnaires and everything else. And writes, writes, writes. We decided not to wait for the denouement.

The blizzard, the night and the witchly face of the Polish blond border guard saw us off. But the enemy is not so terrible, as he thinks of himself. The new Babylon will be comprehended by a certain fate. It will collapse under the yoke of accumulated contradictions. God give you strength, love, patience and kindness in these dark times, and may God protect you. Victory will be ours!

Renata Zafronskaia
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