Today: 26 September 2018
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Time to be protected

Time to be protected

Tags: Religion, Christianity

The most expensive things in life are those that do not have a price. For which, no matter how much you pay, you will not get it, and you will not buy it. There are no such stores and commodity bases. Obviously, there is a lot of expensive, which can be bought, podnatuzhitsya, steal, in the end. But there are things that you can not steal and you will not buy. And the main one is time. We are rich, as long as we have time.

... A robber on the cross bought himself an eternity for a couple of hours. Patient suffering and opened eyes on Christ, crucified next. But we are spoilers and boots. Transfers and motives are not priceless words, as Mayakovsky said: "I'm priceless words spender and sweep." We are spoilers and moths of our time, which drains away from our fingers. And now you are already turning from a boy into a teenager, from a teenager to a young man, from a young man to a young man, then to an uncle, then to a grandfather. And there, you see, already opened the grave's grave ... It is already visible, it is not beyond the horizon, it is closer. And you spend all your time and spend, priceless hours, days, years, on all nonsense.

When the calculation is made, we will be terribly ashamed. From what we said a lot of unnecessary words. Lived a lot of useless, empty, in general, useless days. Thought a bunch of different garbage thoughts. As if we were contracting in the trash crawl. And every garbage thought crept into us, and lived in us, and we lived with it, and it was good for us with this garbage thought. It will be a shame to be terrible. Because good in our lives is extremely small. Extremely. By our own fault.

Best of all, this is, perhaps, a literary and cinematographically well-known fairy tale by Eugene Schwartz. "A Tale of Lost Time." Where it goes beyond socialist realism, some kind of children's literature, but already touches the Gospel and such semantic things. That also happens. For example, Nikolai Ostrovsky said that life is given to a person once, and you need to live it so that it is not painfully embarrassing for aimlessly lived years. In this piece of text, which we all once learned by heart, Ostrovsky went beyond the framework of socialist realism and the framework of his novel "How the Steel Was Tempered," and touched on something bigger. Because it is really painfully embarrassing. So you look back ... "And we lived more than half, as the old slave told me before the tavern, we, looking back, see only ruins." The view, of course, is very barbarous, but true. The ruins are behind, but what lies ahead? Ahead of the Judgment of God. And behind the ruins. Behind is aimless, empty lived years. We lose them.

And as in a movie story, demons with brooms walk and sweep our lost seconds. These old men, who are younger at someone else's lost time, and young children, who are aging because they are living badly. It's true. This is the gospel truth. Demons grow stronger from our thoughtless life. And we grow old before time from our thoughtless life. You had a lot of time, but you ... profukali. But you still have time.

I beseech you, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, do not profane him. Live the rest of life correctly, beautifully and fully. Like the Volga is free. And not as a stream, which the chicken will cross.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev
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