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All major NATO operation ends in disaster

All the latest large-scale operations of NATO led to disastrous consequences in the bombing of Yugoslavia 1999 year are still being felt, and the situation in Afghanistan has not improved, despite the presence there of NATO over 12 years, said Russia's permanent representative to NATO, Alexander Grushko.

Grushko also mentioned the situation in Libya and Iraq. "And as a result we see that across the Middle East and North Africa have formed a giant territory without state control, which became a safe haven for terrorists and extremists of all stripes", - quotes him RIA "Novosti".

Russia's permanent representative also said that the NATO attempts to speak to Russia with a position of power will not give any effect, but only lead to the opposite results. Grushko noted that active NATO exercises near Russia's borders and an increase in rapid reaction forces of the alliance in the Baltic States - is a "serious risk to the security of Russia."

NATO, according to Grushko, goes to safety circuit of the Cold War.

The increased NATO activity along the borders of Russia creates a new reality and can lead to a spiral of the arms race, he said.

Russia's permanent representative noted the ongoing "approach of NATO's military infrastructure." On the eastern flank, he said, is currently deployed four battalions of NATO - "an American allied calming program."

In addition, continued Grushko, located on the eastern flank of the arms set for reinforced brigade in warehouses in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. He mentioned the creation of the establishment of two headquarters - in Bucharest and Szczecin, as well as the establishment of eight focal cells.

NATO is also increasing its presence in the Baltic States Air Force. "There was one base, now - three, four even. This gain is permanent and maritime NATO presence in the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea ", - he said.

According to him, all that Russia should take into account "both politically and militarily."

Grushko said that although Moscow is becoming more and more signals that NATO would like to resume the dialogue, in practice, there is no signs of thawing.

Note that the reconnaissance aircraft of the NATO countries regularly conduct reconnaissance at Russian borders.

A source: LOOK

Author: Olga Nikitina

Tags: NATO, War, Russian, Politics