Today: February 23 2019
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Splash crime. Living in Cyprus is not safe?

Splash crime. Living in Cyprus is not safe?

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In less than a month, nine residents of Cyprus died as a result of accidents and a burst of criminal activity. This sad list of anti-records does not include victims of road accidents.

19 April Cyprus has stirred up the murder of a married couple in Nicosia. Assassins hoped to receive a large sum of money, hidden in a safe in the bedroom of the house. There was no money in the house for a long time, but the killers did not know about it and inflicted many stab wounds to the victims, who died almost immediately from extensive blood loss. Participants in the crime were found, detained, and confessed.

After 4 days, Cyprus shocked the murder of a defenseless elderly woman in Aglange: 80-year-old old woman died, suffocated by the gag, which was closed by her mouth robbers, who made their way into the house. Extraction of criminals became a laptop and 500 euro. They were also found and arrested.

A few days later, an armed attack on the policemen took place in Limassol. One of the victims in extremely difficult condition was sent to the operation of Israel, now his condition is stable. The initiator of the attack, who was wanted by the runaway criminal Ilias Muzos, was arrested.

Two more young people - Odissia Yakovu 24 years and a ten year old boy Stavros Jorgallas - died this week as a result of accidents. Stavros suffered a head injury, playing basketball at school. On Odissia, who worked in a restaurant, a metal rack collapsed, crushing her to death.

In addition, the cause of the death of two people has not yet been studied: the Ukrainian woman from Oroklini, who did not have time to be taken to the hospital, and the foreigner (the nationality is not disclosed) in Aglange, whose body was found in his apartment last Thursday.

The evening of Tuesday, 15 May, brought another sad news: 37-year-old British woman was found dead in her apartment in Kappari (Protaras). The causes of death are not yet known.

A few days ago, Russian-speaking residents of Limassol went to protest, demanding that the government take measures against frequent thefts and killings of citizens. Recently, Cyprus has ceased to be a safe quiet place, for which everyone loved it so much.

In connection with the burst of criminal activity in recent weeks, the Cypriot police, in an attempt to take control of the situation, decided to toughen the system of prevention and investigation of crimes and demanded from the authorities to listen to telephones and read electronic correspondence of citizens.

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