Today: March 23 2019
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The meeting of Alexis Zipras and Kristin Lagarde took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere

The meeting of Alexis Zipras and Kristin Lagarde took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere

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The meeting between Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and the head of the International Monetary Fund Kristin Lagarde was concluded in the US. Greek Deputy Finance Minister Georgios Juliarakis, head of the European and International Relations Department Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, IMF representative in Greece Michalis Psalidopoulos also attended.

The delegation included the head of the European Department of the IMF Paul Thomsen, the deputy head of the strategy and development department Hugh Bredkam, the deputy director general of the IMF David Dipton and others.

According to the information, the negotiations between Cipras and Lagarde lasted 15 minutes, the delegation meeting - 50 minutes.

The parties discussed the progress in assessing anti-crisis reforms in Greece, Cipress insists on the need to complete the third stage as soon as possible, as Greece, he said, has achieved good economic performance over the past year. In addition, the participants discussed the revision of the Greek debt. "Everyone knows that we have had delays in the past, and everyone understands why this happened. But today, despite disagreements, we are seeing positive dynamics. And in our common interests - as soon as possible to complete the third stage of assessing the reforms, "- said the head of the Greek government.

In turn, Lagarde noted the progress made in Greece over the last period, and also approved reforms, including tax and pension. "The IMF approved the reforms that were carried out in Greece as part of the anti-crisis program. We need to achieve sustainable development and a successful withdrawal of the country from the financing program as soon as possible. And we intend to achieve this goal, "the IMF head said.

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