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"The whole truth is even more severe, sharp, tragic and shameful"

"The whole truth is even more severe, sharp, tragic and shameful"

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Rakka, defeated by the terrorists of the "Islamic state", was destroyed by bombing, as Dresden did in 1945. Such an assessment was given to the Ministry of Defense of Russia, where they are sure that the US and allies allocated by the US and its allies for the restoration of the Syrian city traces of "barbarous bombing". How justified is this tough rhetoric against a coalition led by the United States?

The official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, compared the bombing of the Syrian city of Rakki by the US Air Force and the coalition with a raid on Dresden, Anglo-American bombers, which wiped the city off the face of the earth in 1945. According to him, as a result of air strikes in both cases thousands of civilians were killed. So he commented on the operation to release Racco from the militants of the "Islamic state *" (IG *).

Earlier it was reported that only this summer in Rakka killed more than a thousand civilians, including almost 300 children. Among the participants in the fighting more than two thousand killed. According to him, before the war, Racco was inhabited by 200 000 people, and by the beginning of the five-month operation of the coalition for its liberation, no more than 45 000. He compared it with Deir-ez-Zor and its suburbs by the Euphrates River, where more than 500 000 people lived before the war, "and the Syrian troops liberated all this territory with the support of the Russian Military Space Agency for 10 days."

Now the Western coalition has announced the allocation of millions of dollars for the restoration of peaceful life in Rakka, but in reality, Konashenkov is sure, the Allies sweep away "the traces of their barbarous bombing." And Russia, underlined the major-general, over the past few years has called on the US and its European partners to send humanitarian aid to the Syrian provinces, without dividing the "bad" or "good", which was repeatedly refused. That is, the Americans, destroyed by terrorists of Aleppo and other cities, do not want to restore, but for Rakku undertook with great enthusiasm and in addition demand from France, Germany and Great Britain, too, to allocate funds.

On Friday, the "Forces of Democratic Syria" (SDS, which includes the Arab-Kurdish units) officially announced the release of Racco from terrorists. The storming of the stronghold of the IG began on 6 June with the support of the United States and the coalition. Now the power in the city will be transferred to the civil administration. The police forces will follow the order.

The Islamists expected such a development of events and moved their headquarters from Rakka to the city of Mayadin at the beginning of the year. But the capture of Rakka still dealt a severe blow to the reputation of the group. In IG proceed from the fact that the "true" caliphate should expand. And if this does not happen, then the caliphate declared IG is not real. After the fall of Rakka, many fanatical Islamists from around the world may lose interest in this movement and begin to return to peaceful life.

Thanks to Rakke, the IG controlled the way from the "Caliphate" to Turkey, where oil was exchanged for food, recruits came, weapons were supplied. In the same Turkey through this city was taken to the treatment of wounded militants. The day before, US President Donald Trump called victory a critical breakthrough in the fight against the IG. And now "the end of the caliphate of the IG is not far off." However, "bravura statements" about the "outstanding victory" over the IG in Rakka caused "bewilderment" in Konashenkov.

Experts agree that the Ministry of Defense is not exaggerating when comparing the events in Syria with the times of World War II. Moreover, the withdrawal of militants from the ruined city does not at all mean that Damascus will get this territory under control.

The veteran of military service, the senior lecturer of the department of political science and sociology of the Plekhanov Russian Economic University Alexander Perendzhiev is sure that he emphasized the tradition of the actions of American troops with words about such a barbaric way of liberation of the city Konashenkov.

"We see that they can not fight differently. The bombing of Dresden was not just a historical fact that could be forgotten. This shows that in some new conditions everything repeats itself. All this is not accidental, it is a manifestation of the US military-political system. The States will never fight in a humanitarian way, but only by barbaric methods, "Perengiev told the VZGLYAD newspaper.

По его мнению, желание США потратить миллионы долларов на восстановление Ракки подтверждает их стратегию по извлечению коммерческой выгоды из уничтожения городов. «В данном случае выделение денег на восстановление Ракки делается не только ради цели замести следы. Речь идет о том, чтобы новая недвижимость на месте Ракки не принадлежала сирийскому правительству, а собственниками стали бы лица, управляемые со стороны США. Это один из проектов закрепления Ракки за политическими силами, подконтрольными Вашингтону. В настоящий момент речь идет о желании сделать Ракку столицей Сирийского Курдистана и не допустить контроля этой территории сирийским правительством», – полагает эксперт, добавляя, что подобные варварские тактики ведения боев направлены на то, чтобы заставить местных жителей покинуть город и в будущем заселить Ракку лояльными США жителями.

In turn, the Israeli political scientist, the former head of the Nativ special service, Yakov Kedmi, called it clear to everyone that Rakka was taken by the strongest bombardment and shelling. "Western media do not pay attention to this. Everyone who looks at the city will see that it is completely destroyed, "Kedmi told VZGLYAD.

The expert stressed that the last few months, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the liberation of Aleppo, this was done without the use of aviation and artillery. "And this too was hiding and hiding till now by the Western mass media, who tried to present the liberation of Aleppo as the barbarous behavior of Russian military security services, which do not take into account the human losses, despite the fact that not a single bombing in the last three months has been," - reminded Kedmi.

According to him, Konashenkov made such a harsh statement to restore a small part of the historical justice with regard to the price that could be repelled by Rakka, which practically ceased to exist.

"Now hypocritical statements are sounding that it is necessary to restore Rakku, but no one in the West thinks that it is necessary to restore also Aleppo, which, like other Syrian cities, was crushed mainly by terrorists in three years of war and shelling. There is not a single gram of aid from the West. 80% of the population of the country have become refugees and now are on territories liberated by Russia from terrorists. In Konashenkov's words there is a rather large share of truth, but this is not the whole truth. The whole truth is even more severe, sharp, tragic and shameful, "summed up Kedmi.

The bombardment of Dresden began on the night of 14 February 1945, when British aircraft dropped about a thousand explosive and incendiary bombs on the sleeping city. In the morning and in the afternoon, the American bombers repeated the raid with redoubled force. They also completed the rout of 15 February. As a result, Dresden, the seventh largest city of pre-war Germany, was almost completely destroyed. The area of ​​the zone of continuous destruction was four times higher than that in Nagasaki after the nuclear bombardment by the Americans 9 August 1945. According to various sources, 25-50 thousand people died to 135 thousand or more. In the West they claimed that they bombed the city at the request of the Soviet command to strike at the railway junction of Dresden. However, declassified documents proved that the USSR never asked the Anglo-American allies to bomb Dresden. In the opinion of Russian historians, the Western Allies decided in this way to demonstrate their military-air power of the advancing Red Army.

Andrew Rezchikov
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