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Elections in France: who in the end won

So whose interests the French people voted in their election, for which we so desperately watched.

Yesterday the next saga for the Russian viewer, and the most professional divannogo expert in the world on all issues on the international agenda.

The elections in France are over. Won strange, unexpected and incomprehensible to anyone (including the French themselves) a young man. I usually won, because this has been happening all the last decades - for the absence of another sane choice from the voter and the presence on the ballot of some incomprehensible scarecrow. All political figures turned into simple technological toys. And if the US policy - such a technological commercial show with wooden smiling politicians - is an integral part of their culture, then it comes to Europe only now, probably since the fall of the Iron Curtain. Here, for the same patterns, political figures are increasingly adjusted only to what the people want. And he wants simple - that there was no war. And so the choice between Le Pen and the young Macron was exceptionally obvious. The French do not need unnecessary tensions for a long time, and who will manage them is already not so important, although the truth is Frau Merkel.

So whose interests the French people voted in their election, for which we so desperately watched? Where to go this indecisive trailer proud French? I am expressing here its to do with it and try to explain how it affects the current unprecedented global power, comparable to periods of 1910-1914 and 1933-1939 years.

The world today is in the same boiling point as that in preparation for the two world wars of the last century. France is not a global player, which it was in those glorious periods of its history, but that of the European Union is planning to become apparent.

For the size of the EU economy, the aggregate exceeds US and China (according to some estimates, and combined), from the political influence of Europe (and in fact - Berlin) declined as a result of that same Bretton Woods system and the Marshall Plan in its "restoration "and actually capture.

After the notorious Brexit France is the second largest player in Europe, but only she was able to challenge the exclusive influence of Berlin, heading Washington's wake. Elections in Germany, despite the already posed today intrigue, of course, do not have such. Even though Schulz good candidate, expected defeat able time pereobuvatsya Frau useless.

And it is also not justified in France. This means:

  • Europe remains united under the power of an increasingly growing Berlin podportogo 66 percent conservative Makron;
  • This is the first international defeat Trump ratuyuschego for the collapse of the European Union - in fact, the first economy in the world;
  • This is China's victory in the fight against the United States for the appearance of the third player in the world, Trump mad deterrent. As well as the influence of the independent United States of Europe through its silk trade routes.
  • It lays the aggravation of the global political crisis in those same two or three years, when Trump will have to prepare for new elections, and may have against impeachment;
  • For Russia, it's absolutely does not mean anything, because even the victory of Le Pen would have turned it into the new Trump, with a clear anti-Russian aggression.

Reflecting in this regard on Russia, the bottom line is necessary to understand that now is the point of refraction of our problems is not in Western Europe and at our borders, with all sorts of explosive conflicts in Syria. And use the contradictions between the three large players, we will be much harder (than we have successfully used the last three years) than just between the two. Three able to balance themselves more confident without bad cop with a gun from the side.

What happened in France is not our fight, and the US struggle with China, which after Trump course in the South China Sea, it has received a serious blow, and speak with Europe from a position of strength, as we did all its predecessors, is no longer possible today. So what to expect from his new madness on all its new old axis of evil.

A source: KP

Author: Nikita Isaev

Tags: France, Politics, Macron, Elections, President, Research

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