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After choosing Putin, the Russians chose war ...

After choosing Putin, the Russians chose war ...

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The phrase, taken in the headline, belongs to the Polish publicist Veslava Komarovsky. Having pronounced it, he voiced the age-old dream of the clear-minded pans, their 300-year gestalt (unfinished business), which so successfully began at the beginning of the 17 century and so unsuccessfully finally ended with Napoleon.

However, this gestalt refers not only to Poland, but also to "the entire civilized humanity", which never disdained banditry against "Russian barbarians," boldly attributing to them their own heinousness and blaming their own crimes. That is, those who have repeatedly tried to kill them make claims to Russians today, but they have not succeeded so far.

The collective West loudly expresses solidarity. Solidarity of murderers, robbers and thieves.

Pure business, nothing personal! Natural resources, librenraum and ugly barbarians, who are absolutely unfair to all these people.

Today, the plan "drang nah osten" is once again pulled from the eurosund, ventilated from naphthalene and raised to the flagpole of "the whole civilized humanity" for the most mundane reason - without redistribution of Russian natural resources, the system problems of the West can not be solved.

Until 18 March 2018, "all civilized humanity" thought that their main opponent on the way to the free natural resources of Russia is Putin. It is worth removing it, and the Russians with songs will bring and put everything that is hidden in the depths of Siberia and the Far North to the feet of Big Brother ...

After 18 March 2018, "our Western partners" laughed that everything that the "golden billion" considers to be the bearer of the world evil, which does not want to give "the golden billion", is not personally Vladimir Putin, but all our people as a whole. And that's why there's nothing to stand on ceremony with ...

While the air smelled of the last argument of the kings, it is appropriate to cite a retort of 2x-year-old reservist of the Norwegian army about the reasons for the traditional resilience of the Russian soldier.

In the Western armies it is customary to think about the human resource and work for psychologists, fathers-commanders, chaplains with personnel. By the way, the attitude of "soldier-officer" is completely different. The commander is the oldest friend who is always there. And the higher the authority of the commander, the more motivation the soldiers have to carry out the task. They look at him as the best!
Our soldiers live perfectly. They have everything they need for successful service, and for recreation. It is right. The military should have an excellent life, because they have a difficult job. They must rest to be able to exercise beyond their capabilities.

I am a young woman who served a year in the Norwegian army. I crawled ... no, I swam)))))) in the mud, I sat 12 hours up in my ears in the swamp and could not move, because every 30 seconds the swamp was brightly lit and a change in the position of any bump would be seen, I there was a march-throw in 15 km at full computation, I lived 2 weeks in the forest without food and drink - just what we will get ourselves and much more.
But when I came to the base, I had my cozy, well-furnished room with a shower, which I was cleaned 2 once a week, with TV, Internet, 4-meals a day plus a ration for the evening, in the dining room except for 4 a minimum of dishes to choose from vitamins and fish oil, fruit all year round, several types of salads, cheeses, dairy products in the range, in the evening and on weekends - a bar on the territory, a cinema, a games room. Well, the gym is a separate song: simulators, shells, climbing wall, halls for wrestling, for football, basketball, 2 basins, diving base, parachutists.

And it all did not hurt, but on the contrary helped and helps to live in the rhythm of high tension and perform any task ...

Well, the natural conclusion from the euroboy:

There is no secret of the firmness of only the Russian soldier, because the matter is not in nationality but in individuality. Someone is persistent, some do not, and it does not matter if it's Russian, German or Somali.

Well, and that I did not even have a thought to challenge this conclusion, Madame pripechatala with me with ottyagom :.

What a strange question, you served in the army?)))) "

I already forgot about this remark, but today I had a conversation with the NATO warrior, who repeated what Madame said literally word for word, from which I concluded that the institution of political and political officers in NATO works like a clock and stamps a standardized point of view in the head neophytes with serviceability of the Japanese conveyor. And it's good, because:

1) an incorrect assessment of previous failures dooms NATO to their repetition in the future;

2) Madame herself confirmed all my conclusions, which she tried to refute.

Talking about the hardship and discomfort for 2 weeks (remember this period), Madame then goes on to describe the ideal living conditions for Norwegian soldiers on their base, perfectly demonstrating that hardship for a Western soldier is an exclusively adventure that will last for a relatively short time and always will end with a transition to the usual comfortable state, and forgetting that wherever the West is an adventure, for Russia - life itself.

The Russian army has traditionally and constantly evolved from the most numerous - the peasant class. And the life of a Russian peasant in peacetime was like a war. The battle for the harvest has always been a battle - by the time of sowing and harvesting, when every day is worth the weight of gold and the delay in death is similar, and the crop failure is almost certain death. And this - not from case to case, but constantly and continuously, from generation to generation, year after year - life in a time trouble condition, work in a state of emergency, existence on the verge of possible - just like soldiers at the front.

Years and centuries, the harsh climate, poor soil, reluctantly yielding a modest harvest, huge distances that do not allow us to count on quick help, have been honed for centuries and formed a reinforced concrete character, tremendous capacity for work and stress resistance of our ancestors, invariably supplying soldiers with long-term difficulties and hardships military service.

The key word in the last sentence is "to long", because the brave, disciplined, ready for hard work recruits regularly recruited in all countries. Each of us can get stuck and work through "I can not". The whole question is how long? And, the stump is clear, one for whom such a work was life itself, eventually endure and rework its less tempered by the stern everyday life of the enemy. This is the secret of the stability of the Russian soldier, unusual for the Western armies, who invariably dealt with the enemy, as soon as the blitzkrieg was over and the war on exhaustion began.

Western armies traditionally lacked the moral and physical strength to "rest against the horn" for a long time. Their climate and their conditions of life in a peaceful life did not require this. The gene pool, accordingly, did not conduct scrupulous selection of the most hardy and efficient. And self-sacrifice, as a norm of life, was not in demand. And if this is not required in a peaceful life, where will it take up military service?

Or "BLITZ" or not "CRIG" ...

Do you know why 2 weeks are lasting in the Western armies of survival courses? Because at the expiration of this period, the risk of cardinal changes in the mental state of servicemen is sharply increased. Therefore 2 weeks - and rotation. Blitz-krig and home.

Feel the difference. Two weeks, and if it is very necessary - and two months the western soldier will fight very well, which is repeatedly confirmed by our military history. Blits of the West in our territory have traditionally been successful. But as soon as the business took a protracted turn, yesterday the brave "Zoldaten" started to be blown away like a balloon, and after the brilliant victories there followed the same sparkling plums.

Today the West again decided to play with Russia in these games. True this time, judging by everything, it is not the armies that are offered to compete, but the entire population. The conditions are the same - who will survive the fall of the standard of living longer and do not rebel, losing fuck his own country.

To compete in perseverance to endure hardships and privations will now be not only and not so much the army as the non-combatants.

In the blue - NATO corner - the western population of the society of universal consumption. In the red - post-Soviet - the population just survived 90, a whole series of civil wars still smoldering around the perimeter of the Russian Federation.

I have an assumption that the result will be the same as during the numerous previous military campaigns, because, in addition to the novelties of the VCS, in the arsenal of Russian people there is still absolutely unknown in the West weapons called "6 hundred" and absolutely unacceptable for the Western mentality Russian practice of online help, when it is not right to ask for salt from a neighbor and a three-ruble payday - from a student friend.

Inability to answer for the "bazaar" is the curse of the modern West and a problem for all mankind.

Another factor that my friend, the journalist and owner of the IMHO-club, Riga-Yura Alekseev, who was just accused of undermining their national security, wrote and wrote very artistically and in my article "The Untold Generation Will Bring the World to War"

"I was not at all a hooligan or" an oblique fence in the shoulders. "According to the current definitions, I was a" botan. "The pupil of the physics school, played the piano, went to the radio circle, was an active subscriber in three libraries. But it was not uncommon to fight, but how without it?

And then the adults on our shattered noses looked like something completely natural. What kind of boy is this, if he does not fight? Maybe he's sick? The main thing is that everything should be honest.

Drachunov, who at the break decided to find out the relationship, the physical education teacher (he usually performed the functions of the school "security") dragged him through the curtains into the teacher's room and conducted a preliminary investigation. Who first started? Why did you hit him? And you - what? .. I dealt with justice.

If the issue of relations was complicated, the head of the school was invited to the court, or even the director. In the most problematic and neglected cases, the parents of the brawlers were summoned to school - fathers. Fathers were the ultimate authority. Dad went out, they smoked, they rubbed each other - they brought a verdict, who is right, who is to blame.

* * *

Now it's not like that. No one knows who for who killed whom. Hit - already crossed the line between Good and Evil. The defense of one's own dignity is not an uncontested right to physical influence in the face. Nobody finds out the essence of the conflict. Hit - definitely guilty.

Rather, even so: hit-ah-ah! - this child is mentally ill. They should be engaged in school psychologist, and his family - a juvenile curator. And if the curator finds that the child's family is taught to stand up for himself, he should be immediately taken away and given to re-education in a family of friendly gays. I'm exaggerating a little, but almost so it is. And in many European countries, that's exactly the way it has been for a long time.

* * *

The second, why not fight, is the Internet. The Internet is such a mean thing, where nobody is responsible for the "bazaar." You can impose an opponent in three floors, absolutely without risking getting in the nose. The maximum - you will be struck out of the "friends". That's the whole answer to unworthy behavior.

And in my youth, I got used to keeping my answer strict, up to "we'll go out and talk," so I learned to "filter the market", I searched for the right words of persuasion without switching to personalities. This epoch has left ...

On the one hand, it seems to be good. There is no aggression, the boys have no noses, fathers do not call for school. Quiet and smooth. And on the other hand ...

Our children are not taught to be responsible for their words and deeds. However, they have long been no longer children. In the yard 2018 year. Generation "pi" is already pretty much for 30. They have already entered the society as playing figures. A new "unbeaten" generation. And this is on the territory of the former USSR. And on the territory of Europe, the third generation of those who were not beaten as children were grown up.

Do not believe me? Look at how the German men behave, to whose wives the hot Asian "refugees" climb under their skirts. They cry and run to pour their problems to the school psychologist.

* * *

What does it mean, "war"? Herbivorous geiuropeans are not capable of war ... But that's just not true. Great wars arose just when the people unleashing them were sure that they would not get by their brains that they could walk through foreign territory in accordance with the "Barbarossa plan" and not get in the way on the way.

And a man who never got a fist in his life, has no idea that this is very painful. He is sure that by calculating his GDP per capita, he will easily win the country, which has this GDP - lower. Especially, if you consider GDP by its methods.

Adolf Hitler's henchmen also went to fight Moscow, not doubting that this walk will be easy and enjoyable. As in Europe, which they previously took almost without a single shot. If they had even imagined for a moment that in the USSR Stalingrad was waiting for them, they would have braked at the border. But who could have known? They have never received a face before.

* * *

Having never received a "rotten bazaar" in the face for the face, modern Western politicians are fully confident that you can always say anything you want. And nothing will be for you. They were not taught the well-known axiom in my childhood that the wrong Word often materializes in the form of a strong fist in response.

Therefore, they carry everything from the stage that they blew into them with a draft. They lie, slander, humiliate, insult on the blue eye. The situation, when one needs to confirm his words with facts, is amazing to them. They were not taught this.

And they taught me. And that's why even now, having been a cynical journalist for a quarter of a century, I still fall out of my chair when I hear the statements of certain Western press-secretaries. My God! What does he / she carry? This is - full and obvious bullshit! For this, then I'll have to answer ... They are my responsible level of perception of the world is not available.

* * *

Third. Computer perception of reality. In the operators of military drones, the West now willingly takes the computer game masters. In the network there are a lot of games platforms that are very close to reality. For two decades they have been developing and flourishing.

They fly on planes, fight on tanks, build military strategies ... The boys (millions of them) are pretty trained to move the joysticks and press on the buttons. And the management of a real combat drone is not much different from a computer game. "Fly", sitting in a comfortable armchair at home, from time to time shooting at the "little men" running down funny below.

What's the difference, are these real people real or virtual? You personally can not kill anyone. In the virtual, if "killed" - restored the "profile" from the saved and play next. In real life - knocked your drone - picked up a new one and pressed the button again. Pew Pew...

This "war" is pleasant and fascinating, and most importantly - absolutely safe. They think so ...

That is why the modern, pretty, pink-blue Europe is so frivolous about the development of affairs in world politics that inexorably goes to a great war. The frivolity of "civilized humanity" in general is off scale.

Politicians who have never been hit in the face with a mug bear nonsense, like pop stars. Their only goal is to get "likes" on Twitter.

Military generals, hung with medals "20 years of victory over bugs in the mattress," which also never hit the muzzle, swing their swords.

The public is naively sure that "I personally will not be touched". She did not even hear that you can also beat the muzzles, and, panting, regretfully, sees this show.

And the operators of drones, who consider their muzzles to be virtual, - whack, as much as they like, - rub their sweaty hands. That would be more of a war, let's play ... "

Instead of an afterword:

I personally was lucky - I have the opportunity to be simultaneously in several information flows and can testify: the instinct of self-preservation of the younger generation in the West is at an extremely low - almost zero mark.

99% of the population about Russia and Russians either do not think anything at all, or they think what the media say about them. But their thoughts are abstract and have no practical significance. And everything would be fine if not for the remaining 1%, who sincerely believes that Russia in general and every Russian individually is an annoying obstacle to their personal happiness, and they simply have to give everything they have, and the rest will have to .

This 1% is the War. It is they who consider Putin, Russia and, in general, all Russians as their personal threat.

This 1% - unlike the others 99% - is just extremely active and active. "The end justifies the means" is their working instruction, and not just a slogan. This 1% is dangerous with its confidence on 101%, that they can do everything and they will not have anything for it. So, the rest 99% will obediently do what they this 1% orders, they will suffer and tolerate exactly until the moment the patient finishes ...

The third world war, if it does not come to the exchange of nuclear-batons, will win the one on whose territory the "Maidan" will not happen, or happen later than the enemy.1% hopes that in Russia "Maidan" will happen faster than they have . They will do their best to make it so. They again are not scared and again go "white." They, like the Russian liberals, understood nothing and did not learn anything.

An analysis of their chess game follows.

Sergei Vasiliev
Power is in the truth
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