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The UN's view on the future of the Cyprus settlement

UN comments on the appointment of a new special representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Cyprus.

"The post of the special adviser to the UN Secretary General, António Gutteris on Cyprus will remain vacant, and a new appointment will follow in due time," the official spokesman for the UN Secretary General Stefan Dujarrik said, commenting on the resignation of the Norwegian diplomat Espen Bart Eide.

He also stressed that at the moment, while both communities of Cyprus are going through a period of reflection and reflection, the office of the former Eide Ambassador, who has been hijacking this post for three years, will be headed by the head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Cyprus, Elizabeth Spehar.

With regard to the statements of the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiadis on the need to include the Cyprus problem on the agenda of the United Nations meeting in New York, along with the discussion of Turkish statements that go beyond the principles of the United Nations, Dujarrik confirmed that this topic will be touched upon by Secretary General Antonio Gutterish during bilateral Discussions at the general meeting of the UN members.
Responding to questions about the new envoy of the UN Secretary General in Cyprus, Dujarric said:

"We will never offer a candidate who will not suit both sides or one of them. This is a matter of principle for everyone. "

Recall, 14 August it became known that the special adviser to the UN Secretary General on Cyprus Espen Bart Eide officially asked to release him from his post in order to participate in the upcoming elections to the Norwegian legislative authorities.

President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis expressed the wish that the new special adviser appointed in his place be a diplomat from Europe.

A source: KP

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