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The explosion took place in Saint Petersburg metro

On the stretch between metro stations "Sennaya" and "Institute of Technology" in St. Petersburg explosion. The National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC) said that as a result of state of emergency "has killed and wounded."

According to a spokesman for the governor of the city of Andrew KIBIT about 50 people were injured.

Ten people, according to preliminary data, were killed in an explosion in the subway station "Sennaya" in St. Petersburg.

This Tass source in the emergency services.

"On the very first preliminary information, the victims of about 10 people were wounded explosion there." - said the source, adding that the exact number of victims is being specified. Official confirmation of this information has not yet TASS.

On-site emergency rescue work and law enforcement officials.

Earlier it was reported that "Sennaya" there was an explosion at the metro station, there are victims.

It is known that the input and output stations are closed, "Victory Park", "Electrosila", "Moskovskiye Vorota", "Frunze", "Institute of Technology", "Sennaya Ploshchad", "Gostiny Dvor".

A source: TASS

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