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04.04.2017 - 12: 59

The explosion in St. Petersburg: what is known in a day after the tragedy

With the explosion in the subway Petersburg appeared and have been refuted many details of what happened. However, after the night gradually formed the dominant version: a bomb in a car bomber blew metros - a native of the Kyrgyz Osh with Russian citizenship Akbarzhon Jalilov 1995 year of birth.

Despite the fact that a criminal investigation into the explosion between the stations "Sennaya" and "Institute of Technology" of the St. Petersburg metro opened under article "Terrorism", formally speak of a terrorist attack is still too early.

According to President's press secretary Dmitriya Peskova, "signs of a terrorist attack there," but "from a legal point of view (to talk about the attack) while it is impossible, because to the extent that both versions will be screened, the investigating authorities will be able to say with certainty that this act of terrorism" .

Nevertheless, I doubt that the explosion will not be recognized as a terrorist attack, is vanishingly small, so we will not engage in formalism and avoid this term.

For the last night it became clear that the initial reports that the terrorist allegedly left a bag in the car and left, are untrue. Still, it has traditionally been a suicide bomber.

Originally performed by a terrorist attack suspected citizen of Kazakhstan Maxim Arysheva, but this suspicion was quickly disproved. Deputy Head of the Committee of National Security (KNB) Nurgali Bilisbekov said that "this information is not true. In the view of the National Security Committee, he did not get in the account is not listed. " Deputy head of the National Security Committee assured that "partners in Russian special services as the perpetrators of terrorist acts (Arysh) is not considered likely, he's a victim."

The KNB of Kazakhstan also noted that an explosion in St. Petersburg may be involved in the Russian Federation banned terrorist group "Islamic State *."

After the "Kazakh" trail was false, it was reported that the Executive could be a native of Kyrgyzstan. And a representative of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS) of the country Rahat Sulaymanov confirmed that this suspicion is justified.

"Yes, according to preliminary data, he was born in Kyrgyzstan, a citizen of Russia", - the representative of the Kyrgyz security services said. According to him, the National Security Committee is in constant contact with their Russian counterparts on the investigation of a crime.

In a few hours there was more detailed information. As reports "Interfax" referring to a source in the Kyrgyz State National Security Committee, a "possible terrorist attack performer, according to preliminary data, is a native of Osh, now a Russian citizen Akbarzhon Jalilov 1995 was born." At the present time "by orientation SNSC appropriate structures in Osh check all information related to a possible performer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. The address bureau find out all the information associated with it: nationality, place of residence, when left Kyrgyzstan in the Russian Federation, the family ties. "

Based on available information at the moment, an ethnic Uzbek Jalilov moved to Russia about six years ago, as a teenager. Two years ago, he worked at a sushi bar, and then traces of it are lost. When, where, and why he received Russian citizenship, it is also not yet known.

Version about involvement in the terrorist attack Jalilov yet is the main, however, it is clear that a terrorist attack, in addition to the artist, there were also the organizers, so their search continues.

As the newspaper writes "Kommersant"special services had informationon the preparation of the terrorist underground, connected with IG *, the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, but the details were too little.

About a possible terrorist attack, according to a source in the security services of the newspaper, said the gunman returned from Syria. But he held the lowest rung in the hierarchy, so do not personally know the participants sent in Russian subversive groups - with their contactees it supports only telephone.

Learning mobile numbers of alleged terrorists, investigators found that all the SIM cards were purchased in the market and are not tied to real people, so we were forced to limit wiretapping negotiations militants, hoping to eventually find them or find out the details of their plans.

security did not have time to uncover the network - experienced fighters resorted to the help of mobile voice not often. Their conversations were limited to short phrases, which were not specified names, time and place of meetings. After the explosion, the operational work had to be rushed to interrupt and block the identified numbers. It is likely that the second artist left without connection panicked and dropped bag under a bench with the bomb at station "Rising Area".

However, this is only a source version, according to another source, a bag under a bench on the "Vosstaniya Square" left everything the same Jalilov and the bomb did not go off for some other reason.

The agency "Rosbalt" as referring to a source in the security services said that since last week, investigators recorded an unprecedented surge of activity among the leaders of the North Caucasus Jamaat (militias).

"From Russia of almost all long been" survived ", and they mostly reside in Turkey. Some managed to make war on the side of LIH * in Syria. Just a few days ago we began to receive data activity that happens in an environment Jamaat leaders - they abruptly began to meet each other, to actively communicate through various means of communication. Only on Monday early in the morning, this issue was discussed in the security services, and then the attacks have been committed. However, whether it is their handiwork, it will be installed in the near future. Guards that no one has claimed responsibility for the incident. LIH is usually just a couple of hours declared its involvement in one or another terrorist attack. Here - silence. Either this is a personal "project" Jamaat representatives, or someone "mows" under them "- said the agency.

In any case, the investigation proceeds.

Meanwhile, in St. Petersburg hospitals are doing everything to save the lives of victims.

According to the Russian Minister of Health Veronika Skvortsova, according to recent data, in a suicide attack killed man 14 - 11 on the ground, one in the course of transportation and two in the waiting room of the Mariinsky Hospital "from injuries incompatible with life."

49 people are in the hospital. "Thirteen released. All patients were examined every day the best specialists, medications and blood-all provided ", - assured the head of the Ministry of Health.

Recall, the explosion in St. Petersburg occurred around April 3 14.40 Moscow time from the beginning of the third car of the train on the stretch between metro stations "Institute of Technology" and "Sennaya". Initially it reported two explosions, but this information was not confirmed. An unexploded bomb was found at the station "Ploshchad Rebellion".

A source: LOOK

Author: Anton Krylov

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