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07.04.2017 - 13: 02

Wintershall: Europe has no alternative gas from Russia

A better alternative to Russian gas to Europe does not have, said chairman of the board of the German oil and gas company Wintershall Mario Meren in an interview with Handelsblatt publishing.

According to Meren, Europe has a need for additional gas imports, as production declines in the North Sea. For this reason, the European countries should be open to all sources. This applies to gas from Russia, Norway, North Africa and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) from overseas.

In this case, the market will decide which source of gas supply to choose. "But I am convinced that there is a better alternative than the Russian gas Natural gas from Russia will be able to withstand any competition." - said the representative of Wintershall.

As previously wrote "Vesti.Ekonomika" Russian "Gazprom" with 1 January to March 15 2017 has increased exports to non-CIS countries in the 17,7 42,9% to billion cubic meters. meters of gas, the company said.

"The growth compared to the same period last year amounted 6,5 billion cubic meters of gas, or 17,7%.", - noted in the company. Increased delivery in Germany (in 21,1%), France (in 27,1%), Turkey (on 26,3%) and Denmark (on 40,8%).

A source: Maintain Economy

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